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West Bengal State

List Of Districts in West Bengal

Untitled Document West Bengal Darrjeeling Jalpaiguri Coochbehar Dinajpur Uttar Dinajpur Dakshin Maldah Murshidabad Birbhum Nadia Bardhaman Purulia Bankura Hooghly  24 Paraganas North Howrah Medinipur West Medinipur West Kolkata 24 Paragnas South

   Current Corona Virus Infected Patients Total Count in West Bengal

City Name District Name Covid Positives cases
District 584
Nadia District Nadia 5
Kolkata Kolkata 4
Beleghata Kolkata 3
Kolkata District Kolkata 2
North 24 Parganas District North 24 Parganas 2
Tollygugne South 24 Parganas 1
Habra North 24 Parganas 1
Dum Dum Kolkata 1
Hooghly District Hooghly 1
Kalimpong District Kalimpong 1
Nayabad Kolkata 1
Howrah District Howrah 1
Salt Lake North 24 Parganas 1
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    Railway Stations in West Bengal
Howrah Junction   Dum Dum Junction   Bidhan Nagar Road   Bandel Junction   Barddhaman Junction   Naihati Junction   Liluah   Kharagpur Junction   Bally   Ballygunge Junction   Belur   Santragachi Junction   Asansol Junction   Seoraphuli Junction   Shrirampur   Park Circus   Barrackpore   Uttarpara   Konnagar   Sonarpur Junction  
West Bengal Map  

        Bengal has been divided and sub divided a number of times and yet Bengalis do not lack humor. The capital of Bengal is Kolkata. The joy of living is part of Bengal’s environment. Humor is in Bengali’s blood and Bengal is leading ahead on its strength. Great Gokhale once said: “What Bengali thinks today; India thinks tomorrow; and the world thinks day after tomorrow!” This great quotation denotes the title and feature of Bengal. Bengal is an ancient place. A reference to Bangladesh can be found in the scriptures, Puranas and religious text.  It was a popular belief that Beng tribes, an off shoot of the Dravidans, were driven away by Indo- Aryans in 1000BC. They settled in Bengal and in course of time the name of Bengal was derived from Beng. During the Mughal period although Akbar won the battle, still Bengal retained its independence. After the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, Bengal became an independent Muslim kingdom. In 1756 Nawab of Bengal Siraj defeated the British and took over their forts. But the conspiracy hatched by Lord Clive enabled him to defeat Siraj in the battle of Plassey. Thus the sun of independent Bengal sank below the horizon in the mango garden of Plassey. In 1854 British Crown took control over Bengal as well as whole of India from the east India Company.

        It was not that Bengal known merely for her valor and bravery- ancient Bengal was also an agricultural country. Bengal is the land of fish and rice. The principal crop is paddy i.e. rice. The textile industry of Bengal was well renowned throughout the world. Even packaged tea of Bengal is to get exported to Bengal. The traders from Greece, China, and Persia also come to Bengal to trade with their commodities.

        Even nature played a major role in Bengal’s beautification. Among the nine coastal states of India only West Bengal is credited with the combination of three most beautiful ingredients of nature- Sea, forest and hills. It has risen from Bay of Bengal and on top it is the mighty towering white Himalayas, Rajmahal hills of igneous rock is along the middle of the state. Himalayas are stretching right across the north, with Darjeeling as it beauty spot and the world of tea, timber and tourism at the foot hills of Duars. The world famous Royal Bengal Tiger of mangrove forest of Sundarban is to the south. Further south is Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh and Assam is to the east and Bihar, Orissa and Nepal to the west of Bengal. Kolkata the capital of Bengal is on the eastern bank of river Bhagirathi or Ganga. Kolkata is unique and amazing city, always vibrant and beautiful and is the city of joy. Kolkata has many beautiful tourists’ spots. Victoria Memorial is its prime attraction. Darjeeling the famous hill station in India is another awe inspiring hill station in West Bengal. Digha in West Bengal, a sea side attracts thousands of tourists every year.



        In West Bengal most of the people are Hindus. Bengalis are the dominant religion of this state. Muslims and Christianity are also found here in small number. Bengali is the main language; Hindi and English are also spoken here. West Bengal ranks 5th in terms of population in India. People here are involved in different occupation. Though most of the people here are engaged in agriculture, fishing, pottery and carpenters.  There are other sectors such as banking, government services, BPO, private companies, textile workers etc.


        Throughout the year the tourists can visit West Bengal as it has a very pleasant climate. But its better avoid visiting the place during July-September as it rains heavily during this months and it might create a problems for tourism. The rainfall varies between 120-400cm. However the average rainfall is 175cm.



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