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Major Political Parties in Ollur Assembly Constituency

INC , CPM , CPI(M) , CPI , INC are the major political parties in Ollur Assembly Constituency .
INC(U) , INC(I) , ICS , CPM are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Ollur Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Ollur Assembly Constituency is Adv.K Rajan from party CPI party

Mandals in Ollur Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Ollur Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
1957 GEN Paranchu R. INC 15994 79 Raghavan V. CPI CPI CPI 15915
1960 GEN P. R. Francis INC 29950 2859 V. V. Raghavan CPI CPI CPI 27091
1965 GEN A. V. Aryan CPI(M) 20180 705 P. R. Francis INC INC INC 19475
1967 GEN A.V.Aryan CPM 24569 148 P.P.Francis INC INC INC 24421
1970 GEN R. R. Francis INC 31845 2439 M. A. Karthikeyan CPM CPM CPM 29406
1977 GEN P. R. Francis INC 30931 1086 Adv. P. K. Asokan CPM CPM CPM 29845
1980 GEN Raghavan Poshakadavil INC(I) 32302 25 Francis P. R. INC(U) INC(U) INC(U) 32277
1982 GEN Raghavan Pozhakadavil INC 31691 3519 K. V. K. Panicker ICS ICS ICS 28172
1987 GEN A. M. Paraman CPI 46513 1733 Raghavan Pozhakadavil INC INC INC 44780
1991 GEN P.P. George INC 57910 5241 A.M. Paraman CPI CPI CPI 52669
1996 GEN C.N.Jayadevan CPI 52757 4368 P.P.George INC INC INC 48389
2001 GEN P. P.George INC 66100 10698 C.N.Jayadevan CPI CPI CPI 55402
2006 GEN Rajaji Mathew Thomas CPI 61467 7969 Leelamma Teacher INC INC INC 53498
2011 GEN M.P. Vincent INC 64823 6247 Rajaji Mathew Thomas CPI CPI CPI 58576

List of Polling booths in Ollur Assembly Constituency

0) 47 Anganvadi Chemboothra
1) 48 Anganvadi Pananchery
2) A Lpschool Eravimangalam A Block
3) A Lpschool Eravimangalam B Blcok
4) A Lpschool Eravimangalam C Blcok
5) A Lpschool Tahikkattussery C Block
6) A Lpschool Thaikkattussery B Blcok
7) A Up School Kannara B Block
8) A Up School Kannara C Block
9) A Up School Marottichal C Block
10) A Upschool Marottichal B Block
11) Aganwadi 78 Thonippara
12) Akm Hss Poochetty A Block
13) Akm Hss Poochetty B Block
14) Akm Hss Poochetty C Block
15) Alps Chuvannamannu East Portion A Block
16) Alps Chuvannamannu West Portion B Block
17) Alumini Auditorium Vetererinary College Mannuthy(a Block)
18) Alumini Auditorium Vetererinary College Mannuthy(b Block)
19) Aup School Kannara A Block
20) Aup School Kannara D Block
21) Aupschool Marottichal A Block
22) Cjm Ups Marathakkara (a Block)
23) Cjm Ups Marathakkara (b Block)
24) Communitty Hall Nehru Nagar A Blcok
25) Communitty Hall Nehru Nagar B Block
26) Communitty Hall Nehru Nagar C Block
27) Community Hall Nehru Nagar D Block
28) Corporation Community Hall Pope Nagar
29) Damiyan Institute Mulayam
30) Divya Hrudaya Asramam Chennayappara
31) Donbosco College Mannuthy
32) Donbosco Highschool Mullakkara A Blcok
33) Donbosco Highschool Mullakkara B Block
34) Donbosco Highschool Mullakkara C Block
35) Donbosco Highschool Mullakkara D Block
36) Ekm Ups Vaniyambara A Block
37) Ekm Ups Vaniyambara B Block
38) Ekm Ups Vaniyambara C Block
39) Forest Station Mannamangalam
40) Forest Station Olakara
41) Govt Ghs School Puthur A Block
42) Govt Ghs School Puthur B Block
43) Govt Ghs School Puthur C Block
44) Govt High School Pattikkad North Building B Block
45) Govt Higher Secondary School Kattilapoovam B Block
46) Govt Higher Secondary School Kattilapoovam A Block
47) Govt Higher Secondary School Pattikkad C Block
48) Govt Highschool Anchery A Block
49) Govt Highschool Anchery C Block

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