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Andhra Pradesh State

List Of Districts in Andhra Pradesh

Untitled Document Andhra Pradesh Map Adilabad Nizamabad Karimnagar Medak Warangal Khammam East Godavari Vishakapatnam Vizianagaram Srikakulam Hyderabad Rangareddy Nalgonda Mahbubnagar Kurnool Anantapur Kadapa Chittoor SPSR Nellore Prakasam Guntur Krishna West Godavari

   Current Corona Virus Infected Patients Total Count in Andhra Pradesh

City Name District Name Covid Positives cases
Kurnool District Kurnool 191
Krishna District Krishna 159
Guntur District Guntur 129
Chittoor District Chittoor 59
S.P.S. Nellore District S.P.S. Nellore 49
West Godavari District West Godavari 43
Anantapur District Anantapur 36
East Godavari District East Godavari 30
Prakasam District Prakasam 23
Anandpet Guntur 19
Ongole Prakasam 19
Vijayawada Krishna 18
Kurnool Kurnool 16
Visakhapatnam District Visakhapatnam 14
Kummari Bazar Guntur 13
Guntur Guntur 9
Nandyal Kurnool 8
Chirala Prakasam 7
Kathipudi East Godavari 6
Nandyala Kurnool 6
Anantapur Anantapur 5
Sangadi Gunta Guntur 5
Dachepalli Guntur 5
Nellore S.P.S. Nellore 5
Buchayathota Guntur 4
Ganigali Street Kurnool 4
Srikalahasti Chittoor 3
Srikakulam District Srikakulam 3
Srinivasaraopeta Guntur 3
Thyagaraja Nagar,Tirupathi Chittoor 3
District 3
Anandpeta Guntur 3
Naidupeta S.P.S. Nellore 3
Maddur Kurnool 3
Hindupur Anantapur 3
Banaganapalli Kurnool 3
Habeeb Mubarak Nagar Kurnool 3
Arundelpeta Guntur 3
Penugonda West Godavari 3
Narasarao Peta Guntur 3
Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam 2
Tada S.P.S. Nellore 2
Narsipatnam Visakhapatnam 2
Kunkalamarru,karamchedu Prakasam 2
Lepakshi Anantapur 2
Eluru West Godavari 2
R K Function Hall Backside Anantapur 2
Vuruvakatta Guntur 2
Kotamitta S.P.S. Nellore 2
Gani Gali Street Kurnool 2
Nagiri Chittoor 2
Rajahmundry East Godavari 2
Akkayyapelem Visakhapatnam 2
Macherla Guntur 2
Gadivemula Kurnool 2
Vakadu S.P.S. Nellore 2
- Kurnool 2
Turimella S.P.S. Nellore 1
Thirumuru S.P.S. Nellore 1
Markapur Prakasam 1
Hindupur Mandal Anantapur 1
Ponnur Mandal Guntur 1
Chandrababu Nagar S.P.S. Nellore 1
Nadyal Kurnool 1
Chinna Masjid Chittoor 1
Gudur S.P.S. Nellore 1
Atmakur Kurnool 1
Gandhi Nagar Guntur 1
Sangaih Pet Kurnool 1
Bedamcherla Kurnool 1
Tada Mandal S.P.S. Nellore 1
Visakapatnam Visakhapatnam 1
Sujata Convent Guntur 1
Athmakur Kurnool 1
Naik Nagar Anantapur 1
Tallamundunurupadu West Godavari 1
Kunkala Marru Prakasam 1
Budhavur Petta Kurnool 1
Koretipadu Guntur 1
Nandyala Mandal Kurnool 1
Kodumur Kurnool 1
Chittari Kurnool 1
Gonampalle Kurnool 1
Ranganayakakulapeta S.P.S. Nellore 1
Mallam S.P.S. Nellore 1
Chagala Marri Kurnool 1
Ponnur Guntur 1
Karampudi Guntur 1
Ayyaluru Kurnool 1
Chatenyapuri Guntur 1
Keelapattu nagari Chittoor 1
Nandyal Town Kurnool 1
KVR Garden Kurnool 1
Narsapuram West Godavari 1
Revenue Colony Kurnool 1
Pedda Bazar S.P.S. Nellore 1
Haripriya Garden S.P.S. Nellore 1
Vadamalapeta Chittoor 1
Kalyana Durgam Anantapur 1
Chandabada Kurnool 1
Renigunta Chittoor 1
Atmukur Kurnool 1
A-park road Kurnool 1
Prakasam Nagar Kurnool 1
Budhawarapetta Kurnool 1
Srinivasaraopet Guntur 1
Nandikotkur Kurnool 1
Kakinada East Godavari 1
Padidempadu Kurnool 1
Payakapuram Krishna 1
Islam petta, Atmakur Kurnool 1
Nagappa Street Kurnool 1
Machilipatnam Krishna 1
Arundalpet Guntur 1
Tirupati Chittoor 1
Banaganapalle Mandal Kurnool 1
Kothacheruvu Anantapur 1
Ganigalli Kurnool 1
Magunta Layout S.P.S. Nellore 1
Konakalamitta Mandal Prakasam 1
Kotaveedhi Kurnool 1
Malyala Village Kurnool 1
Nandavaram Kurnool 1
Ranihari Thotta Krishna 1
Pedda Kurnool 1
Devanagar Kurnool 1
Aravinda Nagar Anantapur 1
Shalisaheb Street Kurnool 1
Nelamalipudi,Ozhili S.P.S. Nellore 1
SriLakshmi Nagar Kurnool 1
Narsingh Rao Pet Kurnool 1
Panyam Kurnool 1
Kodaru Kurnool 1
Islamapet Prakasam 1
Tadepalligudem West Godavari 1
Kortepadu Guntur 1
Budhavarpeta Kurnool 1
Narsaraopet Guntur 1
Vedigadla Guntur 1
Nindra Chittoor 1
Osmania College Road Kurnool 1
Gajuwaka Visakhapatnam 1
Khadakpura Kurnool 1
Kandukuru Prakasam 1
     Municipalities in Andhra Pradesh
    Railway Stations in Andhra Pradesh
Visakhapatnam Junction   Rajahmundry   Gudur Junction   Ongole   Nellore   Renigunta Junction   Vizianagaram Junction   Samalkot Junction   Eluru   Tirupati Main   Tenali Junction   Guntakal Junction   Guntur Junction   Duvvada   Palasa   Dharmavaram Junction   Srikakulam Road   Chirala   Gooty Junction   Tadepalligudem  
Andhra Pradesh Map  

        Andhra Pradesh ranks area-wise 5th and population-wise 5th among all the sates in India. The places of interest to the tourists are limited in Andhra Pradesh. That has been squarely compensated by the capital city of Hyderabad, developed by Nizams, Golconda Fort, hill resort Arku and the famous Hindu Pilgrimage centre Tirupati are the major attraction. Travelling in India will be incomplete without visiting these places.  Andhra is fairly prosperous in agriculture. The entire food requirement of south is met by fertile delta like land of Andhra. Nagarjunasagar, the largest lake in Andhra was built by constructing a dam on Krishna River. Andhra is the largest tobacco producing state in India. The tourists can visit four wild life sanctuaries in Andhra between November and May.

         Andhra Pradesh has made immense contribution to song, dance and music. Kuchipudi, Andhra’s own dance form is appreciated in India and all over the world. The history of Telugu can be traced back even before Buddha. Pongal festival in the month of Pous is the main festival and it continues for 3 days. Muhharam is another colorful festival of Muslims, held in June- July and continues for a month.

          Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities. This is surrounded by Granite hills. Hussian Sagar, the famous lake separates the two. History during the day and magic at night such is advancement and development of computer software industries, Hyderabad is fore-runner among states in India. Golconda fort is quite popular tourist’s destination there is uniqueness in its architectural and construction style. Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar are the two artificial lakes is another beautiful thing of this place. One can even visit Hyderabad museum which has a large archeological collection. It has a collection of ancient coins, utensils, arms &ammunitions and manuscripts. Mecca Mosque the largest in South India and 6th largest in whole of India. The latest attraction of this city is Ramoji Film City.  To some it is Visakhapatnam, other calls it Vizag, while many people still know the place as Waltair is another tourist’s destination. Waltair’s Ramakrishna Beach is the best of the lot among the tourist’s spots. Visakha Museum is another tourist’s attraction on Beach road. Rishikondai beach at the end of the city is quite famous worldwide. Araku valley is also quite famous located on the Visakhapatnam.


Brief History of Andhra Pradesh-

        History of this region can be traced back to thousands years before the birth of Christ. It is said that Atreya Brahmins used to live here in the ancient period. Perhaps the name Andhra has been derived from the word Atreya. Ancient Andhra was the part of the Maurya Empire during Emperor Chandragupta and Ashoka.  Many rulers had ruled this state. On October 1, 1953 in order to recognize the state on the basis of language, Hyderabad was taken out of Madras Presidency and linked to S-West Telugu speaking districts.



        85% of state population speaks Telugu, in southern part a few Tamil speaking populations and an insignificant number of Kanara speaking people also belong to Andhra Pradesh. In capital city of Hyderabad 7% population speak Urdu. Literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh is 62%.



        One can make a trip to Andhra ant time during the year.  But it is better to avoid summer.  Pleasant atmosphere prevails between October and February. June to September is rainy season but the amount of rain is not much, although the in southern part of Andhra rain sometimes disrupts travel plain.








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