Lakes in Aurangabad District

Sansar Lake destroyed , Lake
Aurangabad,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     1.52 K. M.

Historical Pond dieing due to AMC , Lake
Aurangabad,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     1.70 K. M.

Salem Ali Sarover Lake View Point , Lake
74 Jalgaon,Paithan,Aurangabad District
Detailed     1.78 K. M.

Salim Ali Sarovar Lake , Lake
74 Jalgaon,Paithan,Aurangabad District
Detailed     1.80 K. M.

lake View Plaza , Lake
74 Jalgaon,Paithan,Aurangabad District
Detailed     2.26 K. M.

Mandakini Ghat , Lake
Satara,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     3.60 K. M.

Harsul Talao Lake , Lake
Ohar,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     4.75 K. M.

Harsul lake , Lake
Ohar,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     5.14 K. M.

Harsool Sawangi Lake , Lake
Pisadevi,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     6.55 K. M.

chimanpurwadi lake , Lake
Jatwada,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     10.2 K. M.

Pari zeel Angel Lake , Lake
Abdimandi,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     14.7 K. M.

Ramrai Lake , Lake
Pandharpur,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     15.0 K. M.

khojewadi lake , Lake
Shernapur,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     17.3 K. M.

nandrabad pond , Lake
Sulibhanjan,Khultabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     19.4 K. M.

Parion Ka Talao Fairy s Lake , Lake
Sulibhanjan,Khultabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     20.3 K. M.

Khaksar lake , Lake
Sulibhanjan,Khultabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     20.4 K. M.

lake , Lake
Khultabad,Khultabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     20.8 K. M.

Lake , Lake
Verul,Khultabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     23.3 K. M.

Hina Fraz Lake , Lake
Warzadi,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     25.1 K. M.

Dr Faruki Lake , Lake
Warzadi,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     25.1 K. M.

Girija Lake , Lake
Pimpri,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     26.1 K. M.

Waghola,Phulambri,Aurangabad District
Detailed     26.5 K. M.

Dari lake , Lake
Pathri,Phulambri,Aurangabad District
Detailed     26.6 K. M.

Mhaismal Lake , Lake
Pimpri,Aurangabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     26.7 K. M.

Palasgaon Reservoir Lake , Lake
Gajgaon,Gangapur,Aurangabad District
Detailed     27.9 K. M.

Lake View point , Lake
Pimpri,Khultabad,Aurangabad District
Detailed     27.9 K. M.

Girija River , Lake
Lahanyachiwadi,Phulambri,Aurangabad District
Detailed     30.4 K. M.

Shivna River Nitin Shinde , Lake
Dhoregaon,Gangapur,Aurangabad District
Detailed     31.2 K. M.

Devgaon Lake , Lake
Bramhangaon (h),Paithan,Aurangabad District
Detailed     32.1 K. M.

Shivna River Kobapur Jeevan Rajput , Lake
Siresaygaon,Gangapur,Aurangabad District
Detailed     32.7 K. M.

lendi river , Lake
Tandulwadi,Gangapur,Aurangabad District
Detailed     35.9 K. M.

Shivna River Bridge , Lake
Hatnoor,Kanand,Aurangabad District
Detailed     36.0 K. M.

shivana river , Lake
Bhalgaon,Gangapur,Aurangabad District
Detailed     36.3 K. M.

Anjana Palshi Praklpa on Anjana River , Lake
Khatkheda,Kanand,Aurangabad District
Detailed     45.8 K. M.

NAG GHAT Palthi Nagari , Lake
Pategaon,Paithan,Aurangabad District
Detailed     46.7 K. M.

Anjana River Wasadi , Lake
Wasadi,Kanand,Aurangabad District
Detailed     47.0 K. M.

Shivna River , Lake
Makranpur,Kanand,Aurangabad District
Detailed     47.6 K. M.

Girija River , Lake
Janephal Dabhadi,Bhokardan,Jalna
Detailed     50.3 K. M.

Corpration lake , Lake
Mali Ghogargaon,Vaijapur,Aurangabad District
Detailed     51.1 K. M.

Ambadi Reservoir lake , Lake
Andhaner,Kanand,Aurangabad District
Detailed     51.8 K. M.

Purna River , Lake
Upli,Sillod,Aurangabad District
Detailed     53.4 K. M.

Purna river , Lake
Detailed     54.4 K. M.

Purma River , Lake
Nagapur,Kanand,Aurangabad District
Detailed     55.3 K. M.

Shivyogi Lake , Lake
Kolhi,Vaijapur,Aurangabad District
Detailed     57.6 K. M.

lake of sillod , Lake
Sillod,Sillod,Aurangabad District
Detailed     58.9 K. M.

Chalisgaon Kannad Kali Ghat , Lake
Detailed     59.9 K. M.

Pher Ghat Chavan Y D , Lake
Detailed     60.4 K. M.

kelna river founded by rajnikant , Lake
Takali Bhokardan,Bhokardan,Jalna
Detailed     61.3 K. M.

Kelana River , Lake
Detailed     62.0 K. M.

Kelana River , Lake
Detailed     62.9 K. M.

Bhokar Lake , Lake
Detailed     66.0 K. M.

Khelna lake , Lake
Chinchpur,Sillod,Aurangabad District
Detailed     66.7 K. M.

Way to Khelna Lake , Lake
Palod,Sillod,Aurangabad District
Detailed     67.5 K. M.

Kelana River , Lake
Pimpalgaon Kad,Jafrabad,Jalna
Detailed     69.5 K. M.

Kelana River , Lake
Pimpalgaon Kad,Jafrabad,Jalna
Detailed     70.1 K. M.

Juiee River , Lake
Pimpalgaon Kad,Jafrabad,Jalna
Detailed     71.2 K. M.

Wadi River Dam By Umesh Mahajan Patonda , Lake
Mundkhede Bk,Chalisgaon,Jalgaon
Detailed     71.9 K. M.

Khullod Lake , Lake
Khullod,Sillod,Aurangabad District
Detailed     72.6 K. M.

Titur Nadi River Waghali , Lake
Detailed     73.3 K. M.

Jalki Lake , Lake
Halda,Sillod,Aurangabad District
Detailed     74.8 K. M.

Detailed     77.5 K. M.

Godavari River , Lake
Detailed     81.7 K. M.

dahigaon river , Lake
Detailed     82.8 K. M.

Waghur River , Lake
Ajantha,Sillod,Aurangabad District
Detailed     83.4 K. M.

Dahigaon River , Lake
Detailed     83.8 K. M.

Jalaki Bazar Lake , Lake
Detailed     85.2 K. M.

Ambadi Lake , Lake
Detailed     90.7 K. M.

Shidi Ghat , Lake
Jamthi,Soegaon,Aurangabad District
Detailed     92.0 K. M.

Bridge on Cang orKang River added by prashant patil , Lake
Detailed     102. K. M.

vaki river , Lake
Detailed     104. K. M.

Gonkhed TALAV LAKE , Lake
Waki Kh,Jamner,Jalgaon
Detailed     108. K. M.


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