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141013 , Passi Nagar

Post OfficeName: Passi Nagar
District Name: Ludhiana
State Name: Punjab
Near By Taluks: Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana-2 , Pakhowal , Dehlon ,

City/Villages Under This Pin Code 141013

Basant Avenue , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .
Guru Nanak Nagar ( Dugri) , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .
New Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .
Phullanwal , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .
Roop Nagar , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .
Kadiana , Phillaur , Jalandhar , Punjab .
Satjot Nagar , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .
Urban Estate Dugri , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .
Nirmal Nagar , Ludhiana-1 , Ludhiana , Punjab .

Localities Under Pin Code 141013

1 To 300, Jawaddi, New Punjab Mata Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Gurmat Gian Missionary College, St.no1 To 13, P.bagh, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 530, Gali No. 1 To 9, Ankur Colony, Ludhiana (East).
S.e Civil Bsnl, Sbs Ngr, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 1000, Sector 1 To 8, Guru Gian Vihar, Ludhiana (East).
Sucha Singh Gurudwara, Jawaddi Taksal, Jawaddi Kalan, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 300, Jawaddi, Parkash Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Block G - 1 To 1075, Pakhowal Road, S.b.s Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, G.r.d Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
Basant A Venue, Jagdev Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Jassal Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, L.i.g Flats, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Shalimar Park, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Sugand Vihar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Vikas Nagar Bet, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Beri Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, G.t.b School, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, New Passi Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Phase-i Market Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Dhandra Road, G.v.m School, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Gobind Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Jawaddi Khurd, Balmiki Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Bhai Himmat Singh Nagar Block A,b,c, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Gyan Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Uchi Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Jawaddi, Canal Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Green Valley, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Kanchan Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Baba Deep Singh Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Baba Jiwan Singh Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Baba Mit Singh Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Chauhan Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Dhandra Road, Ludhiana (East).
Basant A Venue, Labour Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Baba Budha Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Divisional Soil Conservation, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Golden Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Guru Nanak Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Lamba Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Vishal Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, S.b.s Nagar Market, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Surya Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Videocon Industry, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Vikas Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Passi Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Chhoti Jawaddi, Prabhu Simran Kendra, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Punjab Mata Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Sunet Road, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Tara Estate, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Sai Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Phullanwal Market, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Relience Market, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Sant Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Nitesh Vihar, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Punjab National Bank, Ludhiana (East).
Dhandra Road, S.v.m.school, Ludhiana (East).
Basant Avenue, Sood Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
Block E 1 To 670, Balmiki Colony, Ludhiana (East).
More Departmental, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Oriental Bank Of Commerce, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Sharma Sweet Shop, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 64, G.k.mall, Jawaddi, Ludhiana (East).
Sukhmani Sahib Gurudwara, Phase-ii Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Block E- 1 To 416, S.b.s Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Block D 1 To 326, S.b.s.nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Block-g, Balmiki Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Dugri Police Station, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Gandhi Homeopathic Clinic, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Hero Bakery, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Isharsar Sahib Gurudwara, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
O.b.c.bank, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
R.d.computer Centre, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Rana Hospital, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
4001 To 4099, Dugri Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
1001 To 1786, Dugri Urban Estate Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
2401 To 2586, Hig Flats Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
House No. 1 To 727, Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
Bharat Telecom, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Grewal Dairy, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Hdfc Bank, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Icici Bank, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Ncc Office, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Shop 1 To 60, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Yes Bank, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 824, Dugri Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
2000 To 2219, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Dugri Hospital, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Hargobind Sahib Gurudwara, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Holly Heart School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
I.d.b.i Bank, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Ram Lal School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Sat Pal Mittal School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Shop 215 To 244, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
State Bank Of India, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Union Bank Of India, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
501 To 520 & 601 To 608, Housefed Complex Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
609 To 628 & 525 To 544, Housefed Complex Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
1454 To 1481, Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
Housefed, Prem Vihar Clony, Ludhiana (East).
Booth No. 28 To 155, Urban Estate Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 104, B.n.sudana, Ludhiana (East).
524 To 845, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Bir Hospital, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Bsnl Exchange, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Durga Mandir, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Dyal Hospital, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Grewal Sweets, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Jatinder Gambhir Hospital, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Khanna Depttl., Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Playway School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Punjab National Bank, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Ryan International School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Stadium Vikas Nagar, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Vishal Public School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 135, Basant Vihar, Ludhiana (East).
Iigm Sco 92, Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Axix Bank, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Bank Of India, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Chhevi Patshahi Gurudwara, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Excise & Texation Deptt., Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Executive Engineer Bsnl, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Police Chowki, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Punjab Tubewell Cor., Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
S.k..model School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Sath.sangath Gurudwara, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Bagga Nursing Home, Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Central Public School, Dugri Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
1001 To 1832, Dugri Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
Primary School, Jawaddi, Ludhiana (East).
Sandeep Aulakh Filling Station, Phase I, Ludhiana (East).
State Bank Of India, Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
2300 To 3155, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Gumber Floor Mills, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Guru Nanak Public School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Gurunanak Parkash Gurudwara, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Ishwer Public School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Jorawar Singh Gurudwara, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Kidsway School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Mig Flats, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Rajat Paint, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Rimal Hospital, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Sr.sec.school, Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Easy Day, Dugri Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 190 Block-b 1 To 190 Block-c, Housefed Rajiv Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
Govt. High School, Jawaddi, Ludhiana (East).
Angitha Sahib Gurudwara, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Baba Deep Singh Gurudwara, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Bachan Medical, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Basant School, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
C.i.d Office, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Maharaja Sweet Shop, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Puda House, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Telephone Exchange, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
2001 To 2271, Dugri Urban Estate Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 96, Improvement Trust, Ludhiana (East).
Ludhiana Chest Hospital, Jawaddi, Ludhiana (East).
Community Centre, Phase-ii Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Punsup Office, Phase-ii Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Bank Of Maharashtra, S.b.s Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Housefed Complex 1 To 324, Super Deluxe Flat, Ludhiana (East).
Mig Flats, Urban Estate Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
Green Land Convent School, Phase-ii Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Lig Flat 1 To 1216, Urban Estate Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
1400 To 2060, Urban Vihar, Ludhiana (East).
Hdfc Bank, Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
Block H - 1 To 354, S.b.s Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Lic Of India, Urban Estate Phase-i, Ludhiana (East).
Shop No.215, Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
Bal Bharti Public School, Phase-ii Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Wine Shop, Phase-ii Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
State Bank Of India, S.b.s Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Block F - 1 To 835 Block C 1 To 264, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Jujhar Constructions, Jawaddi Pulli, Ludhiana (East).
Post Office, Passi Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
M.g.m. Public School, Phase I, Ludhiana (East).
Hdfc Bank, Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
Ghazi Builders, Phase-ii Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
2001 To 2297, Urban Estate Phase-ii, Ludhiana (East).
1 To 80 Vishal Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Anand Vihar, Ludhiana (East).
Baba Inder Singh Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Baba Nand Singh Nagar, Ludhiana (East).
Balmiki Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Cathyal Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Crpf Cly, Ludhiana (East).
Green Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
Grewal Mkt, Ludhiana (East).
Guru Arjan Dev Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Ph Ii Mig3001 To 3540, Ludhiana (East).
Singh Farm House, Ludhiana (East).
Sks Iii Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Surjit Mkt, Ludhiana (East).
Toor Mkt, Ludhiana (East).
Tower Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Budh Vihar, Ludhiana (East).
Guru Angad Dev Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Janta Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Avtar Mkt, Ludhiana (East).
Bishan Vihar, Ludhiana (East).
Chotti Jawaddi, Ludhiana (East).
Govt.primary School, Ludhiana (East).
Guru Nanak Mkt, Ludhiana (East).
Flower Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
K S Public School, Ludhiana (East).
Keshri Garh, Ludhiana (East).
Bcm School, Ludhiana (East).
Cbi, Ludhiana (East).
Chetan Enclve, Ludhiana (East).
Damni, Ludhiana (East).
Gurudwara Damdama Sahib, Ludhiana (East).
Indian Bank, Ludhiana (East).
New Jain Public School, Ludhiana (East).
Panchayat Mkt, Ludhiana (East).
Dugri Ext, Ludhiana (East).
Jawaddi Kalan, Ludhiana (East).
Accurate Eng Works, Ludhiana (East).
Bedi Farm House, Ludhiana (East).
Janta Enclave, Ludhiana (East).
S K S Ngr I, Ludhiana (East).
Sbi B Avenue, Ludhiana (East).
Sekh Cly, Ludhiana (East).
Professor Cly, Ludhiana (East).
Rajeev Cly, Ludhiana (East).
Sameer Mkt, Ludhiana (East).
V.phullanwal, Ludhiana (East).
Vill Dugri, Ludhiana (East).
Vishal Ngr Ext, Ludhiana (East).
Kabir Cly, Ludhiana (East).
Nirmal Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Preet Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Sumitra Cly, Ludhiana (East).
Vishal Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Pavitar Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Ph I 2501 To2682, Ludhiana (East).
Ph Iii Mig, Ludhiana (East).
Prem Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Ramdass Mkt, Ludhiana (East).
Police Station, Ludhiana (East).
Sks Ii Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Vikas Ext, Ludhiana (East).
Harpreet Colony, Ludhiana (East).
Jagdish Ngr, Ludhiana (East).
Jandu Farm House, Ludhiana (East).
Sekhon Vihar, Ludhiana (East).

Post offices Under 141013

Post office Name : Basant Avenue
Post office Type : Sub office
post office address : Basant Avenue post office, Basant Avenue, Ludhiana, Punjab, India - 141013

Post office Name : Passi Nagar
Post office Type : Sub office
post office address : Passi Nagar post office, Passi Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, India - 141013

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