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Major Political Parties in Rejinagar Assembly Constituency

RSP , INC are the major political parties in Rejinagar Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Rejinagar Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Rejinagar Assembly Constituency is Rabiul Alam Chowdhury from party INC party

Mandals in Rejinagar Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Rejinagar Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 GEN Rabiul Alam Chowdhury INC 66876 11722 Sirajul Islam Mondal RSP RSP RSP 55154
2011 GEN Humayun Kabir INC 77542 8761 Sirajul Islam Mondal RSP RSP RSP 68781

List of Polling booths in Rejinagar Assembly Constituency

0) Alikpur Pry. School (room No.
1) Amarpur Pry. School (room No.
2) Amarpur Ssk Room
3) Andiran No.
4) Andulberia 1 No G.p Office (room No. 1)
5) Andulberia Charaktala Para Icds Centre (room No.
6) Andulberia Dakshin Colony T.s.f.b Pry. School (room No. 1)
7) Andulberia Dakshinpara Pry. School (room No. 1)
8) Andulberia High School (room No.
9) Andulberia Ii G.p Office (room No. 1)
10) Andulberia Paschimpara Primary School (room No. 1)
11) Andulberia Paschimpara Primary School (room No. 2)
12) Andulberia Purbapara Pry. School (room No. 1)
13) Andulberia Uttar Colony M.s.k (room No. 1)
14) Bachhra Dakshinpara I.c.d.s Centre (room No. 1)
15) Bachhra Dakshinpara Pry. School (room No.
16) Bachhra M.s.k (room No.
17) Bachhra Pry. School (room No.
18) Baliharpara Pry. School (room No.
19) Bawri Para Pry. School (room No.
20) Bazarsaw High School (room No.
21) Bazarsaw Pry. School (room No.
22) Begunbari Dakshinpara Pry. School (r
23) Begunbari High School (r
24) Begunbari Pry. School
25) Bidupara Dakshin Para Pry. School (room No. 1)
26) Bidupara Jr. High School (room No. 1)
27) Bidupara Pry. School (room No.
28) Bikalnagar Jr.basic School (room No.
29) Bikalnagar Mathpara Primary School (room No.
30) Chakrangapara Pry. School (room No
31) Chalk Hijuli Jr. Basic School
32) Char Kamnagar Ssk (room No. 1)
33) Chatnatala Icds Centre (kapasdanga)
34) Chetiani Ghoshpara Pry. School (room No.
35) Chetiani Primary School (room No.
36) Chhetiani Pry. School (room No.
37) Chhutarpara S S K (room No.
38) Dadpur High School (room No.
39) Dadpur Madhupur Pry. School (room No.
40) Dadpur Pry. School (room No.
41) Dakshin Bachhra Kumorpara Icds Centre (room No. 1)
42) Dakshin Bachhra Pry. School (room No.
43) Dakshin Loknathpur S.s.k(room No.
44) Dhanchepara Pry. School (room No.
45) Dhawrapara Pry. School (room No.
46) Dopukuria High School (room No.
47) Dopukuria Milk Produceru0027s Co
48) Dopukuria Paschim Pry. School (room No
49) Ekdala Pry. School (room No. 1)

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