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Major Political Parties in Nanoor Assembly Constituency

CPM , CPI(M) , AITC , INC are the major political parties in Nanoor Assembly Constituency .
BAC , CPI , HMS are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Nanoor Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Nanoor Assembly Constituency is shyamali pradhan from party CPM party

Mandals in Nanoor Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Nanoor Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2011 (SC) Gadadhar Hazra AITC 91818 5863 Shyamali Pradhan CPM CPM CPM 85955
2006 (SC) Joydeb Hazra CPI(M) 72713 31365 Gadadhar Hazra AITC AITC AITC 41348
2001 (SC) Anand Gopal Das CPM 65520 13447 Krishnagopal Majhi AITC AITC AITC 52073
1996 (SC) Anandagopal Das CPM 62252 21223 Sibkinkar Saha INC INC INC 41029
1991 (SC) Ananda Gopal Das CPM 57385 32285 Sib Kinkar Saha INC INC INC 25100
1987 (SC) Ananda Gopal Das CPM 54315 22912 Adhir Kumar Saha INC INC INC 31403
1985 (SC) A.G.Das CPM 47361 9936 A.K.Saha INC INC INC 37425
1982 (SC) Banamali Das CPM 45052 9347 Sib Kinkar Saha INC INC INC 35705
1977 (SC) Banamali Das CPM 27107 19114 Dulal Saha INC INC INC 7993
1972 (SC) Saha Dulal INC 25018 7275 Banamali Das CPM CPM CPM 17743
1971 (SC) Banamali Das CPM 18486 6066 Ila Das BAC BAC BAC 12420
1969 (SC) Banamali Das CPM 22048 7796 Sristidhar Josh INC INC INC 14252
1967 (SC) S. Jash INC 14627 2440 B. Das CPM CPM CPM 12187
1951 GEN Murarka Basanta Lal INC 13027 2268 Roy Anadi Kinkar HMS HMS HMS 10759
1951 GEN Saha Sisir Kumar INC 11810 1212 Hazara Ram Chandra CPI CPI CPI 10598

List of Polling booths in Nanoor Assembly Constituency

0) Adityapur High School
1) Adityapur J.b. School
2) Agortore Pry. School
3) Albandha High School (r
4) Aligram
5) Aligram Pry. School (room No.1)
6) Aligram Pry. School (room No.2)
7) Amdahara Pry. School
8) Amdhara Bhabanipur Primary School
9) Angora Pry. School
10) Atgram Pry. School (room No.1)
11) Atgram Pry. School (room No.2)
12) Atkula Pry. School (room No.1)
13) Atkula Pry. School (room No.2)
14) Bagdowra Pry. School
15) Bahiri B.s. High School (r
16) Bahiri Pry. School (r
17) Baitara Pry. School (room No.1)
18) Baitara Pry. School (room No.2)
19) Balaipur Pry. School
20) Baliara Pry. School
21) Baliguni No.1 Pry. School (room No.1)
22) Baliguni No.1 Pry. School (room No.2)
23) Baliguni No.2 Pry. School (room No.1)
24) Baliguni No.2 Pry. School (room No.2)
25) Baliswar Pry. School
26) Bamunia Pry. School
27) Banagram High School (room No.1)
28) Banagram High School (room No.2)
29) Banagram Jb School
30) Bandar Pry. School (room No.1)
31) Bandar Pry. School (room No.2)
32) Bandhnabagram Gandhi Vidyapith (high School)
33) Bangachatra Labanga Latika High School (room No.1)
34) Bangachatra Labanga Latika High School (room No.2)
35) Bara Sri Gouranga High School (room No.1)
36) Bara Sri Gouranga High School (room No.2)
37) Baradiha Pri. School
38) Barasimulia Primary School
39) Bejra Pry. School (r
40) Belai Pry. School
41) Belgram Pry. School No. 2
42) Belhati Maha Kabi Kalidas Memorial High School (room No.1)
43) Belhati Maha Kabi Kalidas Memorial High School (room No.2)
44) Bengutia Adibasi Pry. School
45) Bergram Palli Seba Niketan Haig School
46) Berugram Pry. School
47) Bhasamath Pry. School
48) Bhatiar Pry. School
49) Bhenpura Pry. School

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