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Major Political Parties in Mandirbazar Assembly Constituency

CPM , CPI(M) , AITC , INC are the major political parties in Mandirbazar Assembly Constituency .
SUC is the political party popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Mandirbazar Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Mandirbazar Assembly Constituency is halder joydeb from party AITC party

Mandals in Mandirbazar Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Mandirbazar Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2011 (SC) Joydeb Halder AITC 83524 18641 Dr. Sarat Chandra Halder CPM CPM CPM 64883
2006 (SC) Dr. Tapati Saha CPI(M) 63751 1352 Choudhury Mohan Jatua AITC AITC AITC 62399
2001 (SC) Choudhury Mohan Jatua AITC 59492 6874 Nikunja Paik CPM CPM CPM 52618
1996 (SC) Nikunja Paik CPM 57805 1878 Tapan Sardar INC INC INC 55927
1991 (SC) Subhas Roy CPM 45877 3192 Sanat Pailk INC INC INC 42685
1987 (SC) Subhash Roy CPM 40708 6998 Durga Charan Mondal INC INC INC 33710
1982 (SC) Subhash Chandra Ray CPM 34832 11597 Birendra Nath Halder INC INC INC 23235
1977 (SC) Renupada Halder SUC 19151 5595 Subhas Chandra Roy CPM CPM CPM 13556

List of Polling booths in Mandirbazar Assembly Constituency

0) Adityapur F.p School
1) Akhraberia F.p School (room No
2) Anchna Balika Vidyalaya
3) Anchna High School
4) Anchna High School (room No
5) Bademaheshpur F.p School
6) Baghajatin F.p. School
7) Baidyapur Lakshmikantapur (room No
8) Baidyapur State Plan F.p School (room No
9) Baladevpur F.p School (room No
10) Balaka S S K (room No
11) Ballavpur M.m. High School
12) Bangaberia F.p School
13) Banshberia Moukhali F.p School
14) Banshidharpur F.p School
15) Banshidharpur Uttar F.p School (room No
16) Bapulibazar Jr. Basic School(room No.
17) Bapulirchak Fp School (room No.
18) Bapulirchak Hr. Basic School (room No.
19) Bara Ghoradal (room No
20) Basudevpur F.p. School
21) Bazarberia Hat F.p School (room No
22) Baze Sukdevpur Jr. High School
23) Bhabanipur F.p School
24) Bhagabatipur Anath Ashram
25) Bhagabatipur F.p. School
26) Bhariuran F.p School
27) Bhetkipur High School
28) Bhuikumari F.p. School
29) Bohalberia Bansi Naskar Siksha Sadan High
30) Brindabanpur I.c.d.s Kendre (madhya Para)
31) Brindabanpur Sardar Para I.c.d.s Kendre
32) Chaitanyapur Deshgourav Vidyamandir
33) Chaksubuddhi F.p School
34) Chakurat F.p School
35) Champanagar F.p School
36) Chandpur Dhopahat F.p School (room No
37) Chandpur F.p School
38) Chhoto Ghoradal F.p. School (room No.
39) Chhoto Ramkrishnapur F.p School
40) Choughari F.p School
41) Chowlgola Special Cadre F.p School
42) Dadpur F.p School (room No
43) Dadpur Gunjirpur Darul Ulum Siddikia Sr. Madrasha (room No
44) Dahakonda F.p. School
45) Dakshin Dhanyaghata F.p School
46) Dakshin Gabberia F.p School
47) Dakshin Krishnarampur F.p School
48) Dakshin Raghunathpur F.p School
49) Dakshin Ramnagar Ssk

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