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Major Political Parties in Garbeta Assembly Constituency

CPM , AITC , CPI , INC are the major political parties in Garbeta Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Garbeta Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Garbeta Assembly Constituency is Ashis Chakraborty from party AITC party

Mandals in Garbeta Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Garbeta Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2011 GEN Ghosh Susanta CPM 86047 15070 Hema Choubey INC INC INC 70977
1962 (ST) Tushar Tudu INC 20568 8549 Durga Pada Saren CPI CPI CPI 12019
1957 (ST) Saroj Roy CPI 23572 3638 Bijoy Gopal Goswami INC INC INC 19934
1957 (ST) Tusar Tudu (St) INC 21157 2687 Kali Charan Saren (St) CPI CPI CPI 18470
1951 GEN Saroj Roy CPI 6619 2256 Bankim Behari Mondal INC INC INC 4363

List of Polling booths in Garbeta Assembly Constituency

0) Agarbandh High School At Agarbandh
1) Agarkhana Ssk
2) Agaya Pry. School At Agaya
3) Agra Pry School
4) Aguiboni Pry School
5) Aiyamadamodarpur Pry School
6) Akchara High School
7) Amkopa Pry. School
8) Amlagora Msk (room No.
9) Amlagora Pry School (room No.
10) Amlasuli Indranarayan High School (east) At Amlasuli
11) Amlasuli Pry. School At Amlasuli
12) Ashargram Pry. School At Ashargram
13) Aulia Pry. School At Aulia
14) Ausabandi Pry School
15) Bagdangra Ssk At Bagdangra
16) Bagridihi Pry. School At Bagridihi
17) Bahadurganj Pry School
18) Bahadurpur Pry School
19) Baladghata Pry School
20) Balarampur Ssk
21) Bandhgora Ssk
22) Banerjeedanga High School
23) Bankata Pry School
24) Bankati Pry School (room No.
25) Bankati Pry. School
26) Bankhati Pry School
27) Bansda Pry School (room No.
28) Baramura Pry School
29) Baranagra Ssk At Baranagra
30) Bargiutra Pry. School At Bargiutra
31) Bellya Pry School
32) Benachapra Pry. School
33) Bhagabantapur Pry School
34) Bhalukkhula Pry. School
35) Bhatmoudi Pry School At Bhatmoudi
36) Bhattagram Pry. School
37) Bhedua Pry. School
38) Bhedua Pry. School (goalapara) Room No.
39) Bhula Pry. School
40) Birajpur Pry School
41) Bolbandi Pry School
42) Chandabila No 2 Pry School
43) Chatra Radha Damodar High School At Salgeria
44) Chekuasole Ssk At Chekuasole
45) Chemia Pry. School At Chemia
46) Chhiraima Pry School
47) Daldali Pry School
48) Dangarpara Pry School
49) Deriapur Pry. School At Deriapur

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