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Major Political Parties in Cooch Behar Uttar Assembly Constituency

FBL , AITC , AIFB , INC are the major political parties in Cooch Behar Uttar Assembly Constituency .
CPM , FB are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Cooch Behar Uttar Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Cooch Behar Uttar Assembly Constituency is nagendra nath roy from party AIFB party

Mandals in Cooch Behar Uttar Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Cooch Behar Uttar Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2011 (SC) Nagendra Nath Roy AIFB 84825 2197 Prasenjit Barman AITC AITC AITC 82628
2006 GEN Dipak Chandra Sarkar AIFB 67997 31672 Mihir Goswami AITC AITC AITC 36325
2001 GEN Dipak Chandra Sarker FBL 57170 18357 Mihir Goswami AITC AITC AITC 38813
1996 GEN Mihir Goswami INC 59375 6864 Aparajita Goppi FBL FBL FBL 52511
1991 GEN Bimal Kanti Basu FBL 52425 11023 Mihir Goswami INC INC INC 41402
1987 GEN Aparajita Goppi FBL 49172 9780 Mihir Kumar Goswami INC INC INC 39392
1982 GEN Aparajita Goppi FBL 46810 12937 Sunil Kar INC INC INC 33873
1977 GEN Aparajita Goppi FBL 32792 24200 Bimal Chandra Dhar INC INC INC 8592
1972 GEN Sunil Kar INC 29142 9296 Aparajita Goppi FBL FBL FBL 19846
1971 GEN Sunil Kar INC 25465 7665 Shirendra Narayan Choudhury CPM CPM CPM 17800
1969 GEN Bimal Kanti Basu FBL 23810 2296 Mati Ranjan Tar INC INC INC 21514
1967 GEN M.R.Tar INC 17440 2147 S.D.Gupta FBL FBL FBL 15293
1962 GEN Sunil Das Gupta FB 19296 7930 Maziruddin Ahmed INC INC INC 11366

List of Polling booths in Cooch Behar Uttar Assembly Constituency

0) Alokapuri Spl. Cader Pry. School
1) Ambari Dhaniram High School
2) Ambari Gadadhar Spl. Cader Pry. School
3) Ambari Mahamaya 1st Phase Pry. School
4) Ambari No.1 A.p. School
5) Ambari No.2 Govt. Pry. School
6) Ambari No.3 Spl. Cadre Pry. School
7) Angarkata Govt. Pry. School
8) Atialguri 4th Plan Pry. School
9) Bagbhandar Boyu0027s A.p. School
10) Bagbhander Girls A.p School
11) Bahannaghar Coloney 5th Plan Pry. School
12) Baikunthapur A.p. School
13) Baishguri Anganwari Centre No. 28
14) Baishguri Govt. Pry. School (room No.1)
15) Baishguri Govt. Pry. School (room No.2)
16) Baishguri Govt. Pry. School (room No.3)
17) Banchukamari 1st Phase A.p. School
18) Banchukamari Sarbananda 5th Plan Pry. School (r
19) Baneswar Colony 4th Plan Pry. School
20) Baneswar Girls High School
21) Baneswar Gsf Pry. School (r
22) Baneswar Khabsa High School (room No.1)
23) Baneswar Khabsa High School (room No.2)
24) Baneswar Khabsa High School (room No.3)
25) Baneswar Khabsa High School (room No.4)
26) Baraibari Naranath High School
27) Barakhata 5th Plan Pry. School
28) Bararangrash Uttar A.p. School
29) Bararangrsh Dineshwari High School
30) Barobhita Pry. School
31) Barogila Anganwari Kendra
32) Basantapur 1st Phase A.p. School
33) Bashdaha Natibari Govt. Pry. School
34) Baudiardanga Hichalu Barman High School
35) Bhagabati Msk
36) Bhatlaguri Junior Basic School
37) Bhatlaguri Msk
38) Bhogramguri 5th Plan Pry. School
39) Biroja Sundari Pry. School
40) Bokalirmath 5th Plan Pry. School
41) Bokalirmath Jhirga Orawn Jr. Basic School
42) Boragari A.p. School
43) Chakchaka A.p. School (r
44) Chakchaka Anganwari Centre No. 23
45) Chakchaka High School (room No. 2)
46) Chakchaka High School (room No.1)
47) Chakchaka Sishusiksha Kendra
48) Chandanchowra Jr. Basic School (room
49) Chandanchowra Jr. Basic School (room No.1)

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