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Major Political Parties in Canning Purba Assembly Constituency

CPM , CPI(M) , AITC , INC are the major political parties in Canning Purba Assembly Constituency .
JNP is the political party popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Canning Purba Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Canning Purba Assembly Constituency is Saokat Molla from party AITC party

Mandals in Canning Purba Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Canning Purba Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2011 GEN Abdur Razzak Molla CPM 85105 21113 Ibrahim Molya INC INC INC 63992
2006 GEN Abdur Razzak Molla CPI(M) 70725 30549 Amirul Islam AITC AITC AITC 40176
2001 GEN Abdur Razzak Molla CPM 82062 55759 Mujibar Rahaman Kayal INC INC INC 26303
1996 GEN Abdur Razzak Molla CPM 89062 66765 Akram Laskar INC INC INC 22297
1991 GEN Abdur Razzak Molla CPM 70938 49518 Abdus Sattar Mollah INC INC INC 21420
1987 GEN Abdur Razzak Molla CPM 52811 21487 Amar Nath Bandopadhyay INC INC INC 31324
1982 GEN Abdur Razzak Molla CPM 42457 16954 Ahammad Nuruzzaman INC INC INC 25503
1977 GEN Abdur Razzak Molla CPM 24580 12604 Osman Gani JNP JNP JNP 11976

List of Polling booths in Canning Purba Assembly Constituency

0) 2 No. Kulti Block G.s.f.p. School (room
1) Andulgaria State Plan F.p.school (room
2) Araibanki S.s.k (room
3) Badi F.p.schooll (room
4) Bagmari F.p.school (room
5) Bagmari Janata Junior High School (room
6) Baliadanga F.p.school (room
7) Balipur F.p. School (room
8) Bamuniya F. P. School (room
9) Bangoda F.p. School (room
10) Baniberiya F. P. School (room
11) Bankri Durgapur F.p.school (room
12) Barerkhal S.s.k (room
13) Baushahar F.p. School (room
14) Bazarait F.p.school (room
15) Bhabananda I. C. D. S. Centre (room
16) Bhatipota F.p.school (room
17) Bhojati Kapatkhali F. P. School (room
18) Bibirabad F. P. School (room
19) Binar Aite S.s.k (room
20) Bodara Garlas Haiskul (room
21) Bodara Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalaya (room
22) Bodra Junior Basic School (room
23) Burangar F.p.school (room
24) Chakbhika F.p. School (room
25) Chandaneswar F.p.school (room
26) Chandaneswar High School (room
27) Chandibari F. P. School (room
28) Chandpur F.p.school (room
29) Changdona Prathamik Vidyalaya (room
30) Chhoto Bakri I.c.d.s.center (room
31) Chunaghata Sonatanapur F. P. School (room
32) Dakshin Banagram S.s.k (room
33) Dakshin Jhijhirait I.c.d.s.centre (room
34) Dakshin Kashipur F.p.school (room
35) Dakshin Khargachhi S.s.k (room
36) Dakshin Madhabapur F.p.school (room
37) Dakshin Narkelberia F.p.school (room
38) Dakshin Patikhali New F. P. School (room
39) Dakshin Rajapur F.p.school (room
40) Deuli Ganti Special Cadre F. P. School (room
41) Deuli Junior Basic School (room
42) Dharmatala F.p.school (room
43) Dingabhanga F.p.school (room
44) Durgapur Chandipur F.p.school (room
45) Durgapur F.p.school (room
46) Duttarabad F.p. School
47) Erenda F.p.school (room
48) Fakirtakiya F.p. School (room
49) Fulbari F. P. School (room

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