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Major Political Parties in Sambhal Assembly Constituency

RPD , BJP , SP are the major political parties in Sambhal Assembly Constituency .
KMPP , LKD , INC(I) , JS , JD , BKD , BJS , REP , JNP , BSP , INC are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Sambhal Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Sambhal Assembly Constituency is Iqbal Mehmood from party SP party

Mandals in Sambhal Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Sambhal Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2012 GEN Iqbal Mehmood SP 79820 30047 Rajesh Singhal BJP BJP BJP 49773
2007 GEN Iqbal Mehmood SP 46096 11660 Rajesh Singhal BJP BJP BJP 34436
2002 GEN Iqbal Mahmood SP 52562 21306 Shafiqur Rahman Barq RPD RPD RPD 31256
1996 GEN Iqbal Mehmood SP 57979 17509 Satya Prakash BJP BJP BJP 40470
1993 GEN Satya Prakash BJP 44298 4802 Shafikurrahman Warq SP SP SP 39496
1991 GEN Iqwal Mahmood JD 39091 3281 Vijay Kumar Urf Vijay Tyagi BJP BJP BJP 35810
1989 GEN Shafiqurrehman Warq JD 36352 4079 Vijay Prakash Tyagi Urf Vijay Kumar BSP BSP BSP 32273
1985 GEN Shafiqur Rehman Warq LKD 20586 4175 Mahmud Hasan Khan IND IND IND 16411
1980 GEN Shariyatulla INC(I) 18946 4014 Vijay Prakash BJP BJP BJP 14932
1977 GEN Shafiqur-Rehman Barq JNP 21188 1424 Sharyatullah INC INC INC 19764
1974 GEN Shafiqur Rehman Barq BKD 16532 1005 Mahmood Hasan Khan INC INC INC 15527
1969 GEN Mahmood Hasan Khan BKD 21075 8263 Azhar Hussain INC INC INC 12812
1967 GEN M. Kumar BJS 22864 4852 M. H. Khan IND IND IND 18012
1962 GEN Mahmood Hasan Khan REP 21568 4734 Mahesh Chandra JS JS JS 16834
1957 GEN Mahmood Husain Khan IND 22351 7781 Zarif Husain INC INC INC 14570
1951 GEN Lekhraj Singh INC 18514 8155 Behari Lal KMPP KMPP KMPP 10359
1951 GEN Jagdish Saran Rastogi INC 21275 8340 Mahmood Hasan Khan KMPP KMPP KMPP 12935

List of Polling booths in Sambhal Assembly Constituency

0) A.mu.h. Inter College Room
1) Alhuda Public School
2) Azad Girls Ju. High School Room
3) Baal Vidya Mandir Room
4) Basic Pri. Pathsala Room
5) Birajratan Arya Kaniya Inter College Room
6) Birajratan Arya Kaniya Inter College Room4
7) Birjnandan Prasad Deendayal Inter College Room
8) Bright Land Public School Room
9) Chau. Antram Singh Memo. Inter College Atora
10) Dayanand Baal Vidya Mandir Room
11) Dr. Ambedkar Baal Vidyalay Bhale Baj Khan Room
12) Faiz Girls Inter College Nakhasa Room
13) Gandhi Memo. Degree College Room
14) H.n.m Public School Room
15) Hind Inter College Room
16) Jawaharlal Memo. Inter College Sirsi Room
17) Ju. High School Atauri
18) Ju. High School Bhale Baj Khan Room
19) Ju. High School Bhawanch
20) Ju. High School Gumsani Room
21) Ju. High School Kamalpur Kafoorpur Room
22) Ju. High School Kot Gharvi Room
23) Ju. High School Mandlai Room
24) Ju. High School Nagal Panchayat Sirsi Room
25) Ju. High School Nagar Panchayat Sirsi Room
26) Ju. High School Nawabpura Room
27) Ju. High School New Building
28) Ju. High School Old Building
29) Ju. High School Ratupura Room
30) Ju. High School Saif Khan Sarai Room
31) Ju. High School Shahpur Chamaran
32) Ju. High School Shehzadi Sarai Room
33) Ju. High School Sikandarpur Sarai Room
34) Ju. High School Timardas Sarai Room
35) Ju. School Chhachhera Room
36) Kaniya Ju. High School Room
37) Kaniya Pathshala Chakli
38) Kaniya Pathshala Miyan Sarai Room
39) Kanya Ju. High School Hajratnagar Gari Room
40) Kanya Ju. High School Room
41) Madrsa Anjumanmujebul Islam Nakhasa Room
42) Madrsa Khalilul Uloom Ju. High School Room
43) Madrsa Shululoom Kojran Room
44) Muslim Public Ju. High School Room
45) New Building Nagar Palika Parishad Sambhal
46) Nigar Montesory School Panju Sarai Room
47) Old Building Nagar Palika Parishad Sambhal Room
48) Panchayat Ghar (new Building) Gumsani Room
49) Panchayat Ghar Hallu Sarai Room

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