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Major Political Parties in Rudauli Assembly Constituency

BJP , SP , BSP are the major political parties in Rudauli Assembly Constituency .
JP , INC(I) , JS , JD , BKD , BJS , NCO , JNP , INC , JNP(SR) are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Rudauli Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Rudauli Assembly Constituency is Ram Chandra Yadav from party BJP party

History of winning MLA s from Rudauli Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2012 GEN Ram Chandra Yadav BJP 61173 941 Abbas Ali Zaidi Alias (Rushdi Miyan) SP SP SP 60232
2007 GEN Abbas Ali Zaidi Alias Rushdi Mian SP 45388 3673 Ashok Kumar Singh BSP BSP BSP 41715
2002 GEN Abbas Ali Zaidi Urf Rushdi Miyan SP 51465 20982 Ahat Ram Ali BSP BSP BSP 30483
1996 GEN Ramdev Acharya BJP 44249 1914 Ishtiyaq Ahamad SP SP SP 42335
1993 GEN Ishtiyak Ahmad SP 40363 670 Ramdev Aacharya BJP BJP BJP 39693
1991 GEN Ram Dev Aacharya BJP 32222 11799 Ishtiyak A. JP JP JP 20423
1989 GEN Pradeep Kumar Yadav JD 36455 5415 Ehatram Ali INC INC INC 31040
1985 GEN Margoob Ahmad Khan INC 22620 1817 Pradeep Kumar Yadav JNP JNP JNP 20803
1980 GEN Pradeep Kumar Yadav JNP(SR) 29738 7737 Ahatram Ali INC(I) INC(I) INC(I) 22001
1977 GEN Pradeep Kumar Yadav JNP 30694 18639 Krishan Magan Singh INC INC INC 12055
1974 GEN Ram Sevak Yadava BKD 23468 8139 Chandra Kumar NCO NCO NCO 15329
1969 GEN Krishna Magan Singh INC 15981 522 Chandra Kumar IND IND IND 15459
1967 GEN C. Kumar IND 12007 2150 M. B. Lal BJS BJS BJS 9857
1962 GEN Mukut Behari Lal JS 21689 492 Ali Mohammad Zaidi INC INC INC 21197
1957 GEN Mukut Behari Lal BJS 16022 1001 Latifur Rahman INC INC INC 15021

List of Polling booths in Rudauli Assembly Constituency

0) Bahuuddeshiya Samudaik Kendra Alhwana
1) Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.3
2) Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.4
3) Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.6
4) Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.7
5) Hindu Inter College Rudauli Room No.9
6) Islamiya Inter College Rudauli Room No
7) Jhs Aihar Room No.1
8) Jhs Aihar Room No.2
9) Jhs Aihar Room No.3
10) Jhs Baba Bazar Majre Bhawanipur Room No.1
11) Jhs Baba Bazar Majre Bhawanipur Room No.2
12) Jhs Baba Bazar Majre Bhawanipur Room No.3
13) Jhs Bahras Room No.1
14) Jhs Bahras Room No.2
15) Jhs Basaurhi Room No.1
16) Jhs Basaurhi Room No.2
17) Jhs Basaurhi Room No.3
18) Jhs Bhatmau Narainpur Room No.1
19) Jhs Bhatmau Narainpur Room No.2
20) Jhs Bhelsar Room No.1
21) Jhs Bhelsar Room No.2
22) Jhs Bhelsar Room No.3
23) Jhs Bhelsar Room No.4
24) Jhs Bhitaura
25) Jhs Ganauli Room No.1
26) Jhs Ganauli Room No.2
27) Jhs Ganauli Room No.3
28) Jhs Kachhiya
29) Jhs Kila Rudauli Room No.1
30) Jhs Kila Rudauli Room No.2
31) Jhs Mawai Room No.1
32) Jhs Mawai Room No.2
33) Jhs Mawai Room No.3
34) Jhs Nevra Extra Room
35) Jhs Nevra Room No.1
36) Jhs Nevra Room No.2
37) Jhs Nevra Room No.3
38) Jhs Pure Shah Lal Majre Jarayal Kala Room No.1
39) Jhs Pure Shah Lal Majre Jarayal Kala Room No.2
40) Jhs Pure Shah Lal Majre Jarayal Kala Room No.3
41) Jhs Ranimau Room No.1
42) Jhs Ranimau Room No.2
43) Jhs Ranimau Room No.3
44) Jhs Saidpur Room No.1
45) Jhs Saidpur Room No.2
46) Jhs Saidpur Room No.3
47) Jhs Saraitha Room No.1
48) Jhs Saraitha Room No.2
49) Jhs Saroha

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