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Major Political Parties in Madhuban Assembly Constituency

SP , BSP are the major political parties in Madhuban Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Madhuban Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Madhuban Assembly Constituency is Dara Singh Chauhan from party BSP party

Mandals in Madhuban Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Madhuban Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2012 GEN Umesh Pandey BSP 51572 1356 Rajendra Mishra SP SP SP 50216

List of Polling booths in Madhuban Assembly Constituency

0) A0va0vi0 Apadariya Haripara D0 Bhag
1) A0va0vi0 Apadariya Haripara U0 Bhag
2) Baba0b0m0v0si0ni0 Lakura
3) Bramhababa J0h0 School Hemai U0bhag
4) Bramhababa J0h0 School Hemai D0 Bhag
5) C0s0d0i0c0 Kurunga D0 Bhag
6) C0s0d0i0c0 Kurunga M0 Bhag
7) C0s0d0i0c0 Kurunga U0 Bhag
8) Du0u0m0v0 Chiutidad Pu0 Bhag
9) H0 School Khairanasir M0 Bhag
10) H0 School Patjiva
11) Harijan P0p0 Dubari
12) I0c0 Gajiyapur P0 Bhag
13) I0c0 Gajiyapur Pu0 Bhag
14) I0c0 Kunda Kuchai D0 Bhag
15) I0c0 Kunda Kuchai U0 Bhag
16) I0c0 Maroofpur Pu0 Bhag
17) I0c0 Surajpur D0 Bhag
18) I0c0 Surajpur U0 Bhag
19) Islamia P0p0 Rasoolpur Aadampur Urf Rampur
20) J.h. School Belauli Sonbarsa
21) J.h.s Katihari Buzurg
22) J.h.s Katihari Buzurg Purbi Bhag
23) J0h0 School Fatahpur Mandav D0 Bhag
24) J0h0 School Fatahpur Mandav M0 Bhag
25) J0h0 School Gagaupur
26) J0h0 School Gontha Naya Bhawan D0 Bhag
27) J0h0 School Gontha Naya Bhawan M0 Bhag
28) J0h0 School Gontha Naya Bhawan U0 Bhag
29) J0h0 School Kachilanarayanpur
30) J0h0 School Kamalsagar
31) J0h0 School Kamalsagar P0 Bhag
32) J0h0 School Maryadpur
33) J0h0 School Mu0 Hasan Pur Pu0 Bhag
34) J0h0 School Mu0hasanpur P0 Bhag
35) J0h0 School Shakkarpurbara M0 Bhag
36) J0h0 School Shakkarpurbara P0 Bhag
37) J0h0 School Sultanpur Barahgawa Naya Bhawan
38) J0h0 School Sultanpur Barahgawa P0 Bhag
39) J0h0 School Sultanpur Barahgawa Pu0 Bhag
40) J0h0 School Sultanpur Barahgawa U0 Bhag
41) J0h0s0 Jamuwari U0 Bhag
42) J0h0school Katghara Mahalu
43) J0s0 I0c0 Dubari D0 Bhag
44) J0s0 I0c0 Dubari U0 Bhag
45) K0p0p0 Katgharashankarpur
46) K0p0p0 Kathtaranv
47) K0p0p0 Keshopur Sultanipur
48) K0p0p0 Lalanpur D0 Bhag
49) K0p0p0 Lalanpur U0 Bhag

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