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Major Political Parties in Fatehabad Assembly Constituency

BJP , JD , SP , BSP are the major political parties in Fatehabad Assembly Constituency .
SSP , LKD , SOP , INC(I) , JNP(SC) , REP , PSP , JNP , INC are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Fatehabad Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Fatehabad Assembly Constituency is Jitendra Verma from party BSP party

Mandals in Fatehabad Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Fatehabad Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2012 GEN Chotelal Verma BSP 73098 699 Rajendra Singh SP SP SP 72399
2007 GEN Rajendra Singh BJP 38672 5105 Chhote Lal Verma SP SP SP 33567
2002 GEN Chhotelal Verma BJP 49283 4625 Ashok Kumar Dixit BSP BSP BSP 44658
1996 GEN Vijay Pal Singh JD 36518 355 Chhotelal Verma BJP BJP BJP 36163
1993 GEN Chhotey Lal Verma BJP 35233 14277 Vijay Pal Singh JD JD JD 20956
1991 GEN Vijay Pal Singh JD 24059 10090 Bijendra Singh Bhati BJP BJP BJP 13969
1989 GEN Bahadur Singh JD 46093 23708 Mahesh Upadhyaya INC INC INC 22385
1985 GEN Amitab Lavania INC 18847 1074 Bahadur Singh LKD LKD LKD 17773
1980 GEN Mahesh Upadhyaya INC(I) 18729 4482 Har Narayan Singh JNP(SC) JNP(SC) JNP(SC) 14247
1977 GEN Hukam Singh Parihar JNP 26881 6086 Lakshmi Narain INC INC INC 20795
1974 GEN Rajendra Prasad Doneria INC 17226 2690 Hukam Singh Parihar SOP SOP SOP 14536
1969 GEN Hukam Singh SSP 19018 757 Brahma Lal Singh INC INC INC 18261
1967 GEN H.Singh SSP 27548 14926 L.N.Bansal INC INC INC 12622
1962 GEN Banwari Lal Pipra REP 10986 47 Hukam Singh PSP PSP PSP 10939
1957 GEN Laxmi Narain Bansal INC 11529 2121 Hukam Singh IND IND IND 9408

List of Polling booths in Fatehabad Assembly Constituency

0) A.b.s.a. Office Fatehabad R.no.1
1) A.b.s.a. Office Fatehabad R.no.2
2) A.p. Inter College Shamshabad R.no.1
3) A.p. Inter College Shamshabad R.no.2
4) A.p. Inter College Shamshabad R.no.3
5) A.p. Inter College Shamshabad R.no.4
6) Aarya Vedik School Kutukpur Gola R.no.1
7) Anup Kanya School Kurrachittarpur R.no.1
8) Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.no.1
9) Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.no.2
10) Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.no.3
11) Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.no.4
12) D.a.v. Inter College Dhimshree R.no.1
13) D.a.v. Inter College Dhimshree R.no.2
14) D.a.v. Inter College Dhimshree R.no.3
15) Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.no.1
16) Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.no.2
17) Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.no.3
18) Fatehabad Model Inter Collage Bah Road Fatehabad R.no.1
19) Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College Shamshabadr.no.2
20) Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter Collegeshamshabad R.no.1
21) Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter Collegeshamshabad R.no.3
22) Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter Collegeshamshabad R.no.4
23) Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.no.1
24) Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.no.2
25) Kanya Primary School Karodhana Kalan R.no.1
26) Kanya Primary School Nagla Patam R.no.1
27) Kanya Primary School Nagla Patam R.no.2
28) Kanya Purva Middle School Shamshabad R.no.2
29) Kanya Purva Middle Schoolshamshabad R.no.1
30) Kanya Purva Middle Schoolshamshabad R.no.3
31) Pprimary School Behdi R.no.1
32) Primary Kanya School Kasba Fatehabad R.no.1
33) Primary School Aai Pinnapura R.no.1
34) Primary School Ancheepura R.no.1
35) Primary School Babarpur R.no.1
36) Primary School Bada Ganv (siktara) R.no.1
37) Primary School Bada Ganv (siktara) R.no.2
38) Primary School Badovra Kalan R.no.1
39) Primary School Badovra Kalan R.no.2
40) Primary School Badovra Khurd R.no.1
41) Primary School Badovra Khurd R.no.2
42) Primary School Bagediya Dhanaulakhurd R.no.1
43) Primary School Bagiya Syamlal R.no.1
44) Primary School Bajid Pur R.no.1
45) Primary School Bajid Pur R.no.2
46) Primary School Bakalpur R.no.1
47) Primary School Bamrauli R.no.1
48) Primary School Banguri R.no.1
49) Primary School Banguri R.no.2

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