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Major Political Parties in Baldev Assembly Constituency

RLD , BSP are the major political parties in Baldev Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Baldev Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Baldev Assembly Constituency is Pooran Prakash from party RLD party

Mandals in Baldev Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Baldev Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2012 (SC) Pooran Prakash RLD 79364 32094 Chandrabhan Singh BSP BSP BSP 47270

List of Polling booths in Baldev Assembly Constituency

0) Aa.k.i.k.karab K.n.1
1) Aa.k.i.k.karab K.n.2
2) Aa.k.i.k.karab K.n.3
3) Aa.k.i.k.karab K.n.4
4) Aa.k.i.k.karab K.n.5
5) Braj Kisan M.s.s.parkham K.n.1
6) Braj Kisan M.s.s.parkham K.n.2
7) Braj Kisan M.s.s.parkham K.n.3
8) Braj Kisan M.s.s.parkham K.n.4
9) Braj Kisan M.s.s.parkham K.n.5
10) Chameli Devi I.c.sihora K.n.1
11) Chameli Devi I.c.sihora K.n.2
12) Chameli Devi I.c.sihora K.n.3
13) Diwan Singh I.c.burj Sukhdev
14) Guru Karshni Sharnanand H.s.s.nagla Meerbulaki (gopi Ki Nagariya )
15) J.h.s Bandi K.n.1
16) J.h.s Bandi K.n.2
17) J.h.s Barari K.n.1
18) J.h.s Barari K.n.2
19) J.h.s Barauda Masrakpur
20) J.h.s Bhartiya K.n.1
21) J.h.s Bhartiya K.n.2
22) J.h.s Bhooda
23) J.h.s Daghenta K.n.1
24) J.h.s Daghenta K.n.2
25) J.h.s Daghenta K.n.3
26) J.h.s Fatehpura
27) J.h.s Garhi Asha Bhag Akos
28) J.h.s Garhsauli K.n.1
29) J.h.s Garhsauli K.n.2
30) J.h.s Hayatpur K.n.1
31) J.h.s Hayatpur K.n.2
32) J.h.s Khapparpur Bhag Mahavan K.n.2
33) J.h.s Khapparpur Bhag Mahavan K.n.1
34) J.h.s Lohavan
35) J.h.s Mahavan K.n.1
36) J.h.s Nagla Akos
37) J.h.s Nagla Bharau K.n.1
38) J.h.s Nagla Bharau K.n.2
39) J.h.s Nagla Sanja Bhag Akos K.n.1
40) J.h.s Nagla Sanja Bhag Akos K.n.2
41) J.h.s Nagla Sanja Bhag Akos K.n.3
42) J.h.s Rahimpur
43) J.h.s Tarapur Khand Sihora
44) J.h.s Tirwaya
45) J.h.s.hayatpur K.n.3
46) J.h.s.hayatpur K.n.4
47) Janta J.h.s. Awairani K.n.1
48) Janta J.h.s. Awairani K.n.2
49) Janta J.h.s. Awairani K.n.3

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