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Major Political Parties in Balamau Assembly Constituency

SP , BSP are the major political parties in Balamau Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Balamau Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Balamau Assembly Constituency is Ram Pal Verma from party SP party

History of winning MLA s from Balamau Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2012 (SC) Anil Verma SP 67800 173 Rampal Verma BSP BSP BSP 67627

List of Polling booths in Balamau Assembly Constituency

0) G. U. M. V. Kothawan Room No
1) Gandhi Inter College Beniganj N.p.p Room No
2) Gandhi Inter College Beniganj N.p.p. Room No
3) Gandhi Inter Coolege Beniganj N.p.p Room No
4) Inter College Hatyaharan M. Bhaingaon
5) J H School Badagaon Room No
6) J H School Badagaon School No
7) J H School Berua Room No
8) J H School Bhatauli
9) J H School Devari Room No
10) J H School Gausganj Room No
11) J H School Kalauli Room No.1
12) J H School Kalauli Room No.2
13) J H School Kasimpur Room No
14) J H School Khajohana
15) J H School Rasoolpur Aant Room No
16) J. H School Bhaingaon Room No
17) J. H. School Barsara
18) J. H. School Beniganj N.p.p Room No
19) J. H. School Bhaingaon Room No
20) J. H. School Gaju
21) J. H. School Harraiya
22) J. H. School Hathaura Room No
23) J. H. School Mahuakola
24) J. H. School Majhigawan
25) J. H. School Odajhar M. Jharoiyan
26) J. H. School Paliya Rai Singh
27) J. H. School Purwa Room No
28) J. H. School Raiso Room No.1
29) J. H. School Sikandarpur
30) J.h. School Muthiya Room No
31) J.h. School Behsar Room No
32) J.h.school Samodha
33) Janta Inter College Kachhauna N P P Room No
34) Kanya J. H. School Lonhara
35) Kanya J. H. School Raiso Room No
36) Kanya P P Asahi Ajampur Room No
37) Kanya P. P. Balamau
38) Kanya P. P. Jharoiya Room No
39) Kanya P. P. Kachhauna N.p.p Room No.1.
40) Kanya P. P. Kachhauna N.p.p Room No.2
41) Nahar Nirikshan Bhawan Sarehari
42) Naya P P Sarsand Room No
43) P .p Bhirighat M. Patseni
44) P B R Inter College Gausganj Room No
45) P P Aant
46) P P Akbarpur Talhu
47) P P Aladadpur Newada Room No
48) P P Allipur Tandwa Room No
49) P P Atiya Room No

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