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Major Political Parties in Bilaspur Assembly Constituency

BJP , SP , INC are the major political parties in Bilaspur Assembly Constituency .
LKD , JP , INC(I) , BKD , JNP(SC) , PSP , SWA , JNP , are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Bilaspur Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Bilaspur Assembly Constituency is Baldev Singh Aulakh from party INC party

Mandals in Bilaspur Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Bilaspur Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2012 GEN Sanjay Kapoor INC 52818 10177 Beena Bhardwaj SP SP SP 42641
2007 GEN Sanjay Kapoor INC 35040 722 Jwala Prasad BJP BJP BJP 34318
2002 GEN Beena Bhardwaj SP 56179 20410 Sanjay Kapoor INC INC INC 35769
1996 GEN Kazim Ali Khan Alias Naved Mian INC 82211 17588 Jwala Prasad BJP BJP BJP 64623
1993 GEN Harendra Singh SP 52883 11497 Jawala Prasad BJP BJP BJP 41386
1991 GEN Jwala Prasad BJP 29074 5058 Gaini Harinder Singh JP JP JP 24016
1989 GEN Anil Kumar IND 34874 10045 Daljeet Singh INC INC INC 24829
1985 GEN Daljit Singh INC 19433 4176 Sohan Lal IND IND IND 15257
1981 GEN D.J.Singh INC(I) 24598 2197 S.Lal LKD LKD LKD 22401
1980 GEN Chanchal Singh INC(I) 28168 10742 Sohan Lal JNP(SC) JNP(SC) JNP(SC) 17426
1977 GEN Sohan Lal JNP 31204 4200 Chanchal Singh INC INC INC 27004
1974 GEN Sohan Lal R/O Milak BKD 45347 24241 Chanchal Singh INC INC INC 21106
1969 GEN Chanchal Singh INC 22347 1116 Sohan Lal PSP PSP PSP 21231
1967 GEN M. Lal SWA 24971 4215 S. Lal PSP PSP PSP 20756

List of Polling booths in Bilaspur Assembly Constituency

0) D.a.v.k.inter.collage .bilaspur Room No
1) D.a.v.k.inter.collage.bilaspur Room No
2) D.a.v.k.inter.v. Bilaspur Room No
3) D.a.v.k.inter.v.bilaspur Room No
4) Gandhi Shatabdi Smarak I. College Room No
5) Girls Junior High School Room No
6) Govt. Inter College Ashoknagar [manpur Ojha]
7) Govt. Inter College Ashoknagar [manpur Ojha] Room No
8) Govt. Inter College Room No
9) Govt.girls Primary School Bilaspur Moh. Shiri Miyan Jyarat Shiri Miyan
10) Govt.inter Colloge Bilaspur Room No
11) Gurunanak Girls I. Colloge Bilaspur Room No.
12) Gurunanak I. Colloge Bilaspur .room No.
13) Higher Secondary School Bahpur Gangapur Room No
14) Higher Secondary School Khunta Khera
15) Inter College Nawabganj
16) Janta Higher Secondary School Rampura Bujurga
17) Jr. High School Barakhas Room No 1
18) Jr. High School Barakhas Room No. 2
19) Junior High School Balkheda
20) Junior High School Bda Bosena
21) Junior High School Bhensiya Jualapur Room No
22) Junior High School Dankara
23) Junior High School Devipura
24) Junior High School Dibdiba Room No
25) Junior High School Khandiya
26) Junior High School Malankheda
27) Junior High School Milak Mundi
28) Junior High School Padpuri
29) Junior High School Panjawnagar
30) Junior High School Prithvipur & Chidiyakheda
31) Junior High School Rasulpur
32) Junior High School Room No
33) Junior High School Senjna
34) Junior High School Temra
35) K.g.v.& Seh. Simiti Bilaspur Bisharatnagar Room No
36) Karalya Khand Vikas Adhikari Bilaspur Rampur Road (meeting Hall)
37) Karalya Khand Vikas Adhikari Bilaspur Rampur Road Room No
38) Kirshi Prashar K. Bilaspur Sithit Hurmatnagar Tanda
39) Kirshi Prashar K. Bilaspur Sithit Hurmatnagar Tanda (sameepwarti Hall)
40) Nav Chetna Si. Sadan.i.colloge Bilaspur Room No
41) Nav Chetna Sishu. Sadan.i.colloge Sahukara Bilaspur Room No
42) Primary School (first) Kemri Moh. Imambada Room No
43) Primary School Aakilpur
44) Primary School Agapur
45) Primary School Aijankheda
46) Primary School Aimi Room No. 1
47) Primary School Aimi Room No.2
48) Primary School Akonda
49) Primary School Alipur Theka

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