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Major Political Parties in Panisagar Assembly Constituency

CPM , INC are the major political parties in Panisagar Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Panisagar Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Panisagar Assembly Constituency is Binay Bhushan Das from party CPM party

Mandals in Panisagar Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Panisagar Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 GEN Subodh Das CPM 15196 1911 Radhika Ranjan Das INC INC INC 13285
2008 GEN Subodh Das CPM 13942 1708 Radhika Ranjan Das INC INC INC 12234
2003 GEN Subodh Das CPM 10931 1793 Bikash Sharma INC INC INC 9138
1998 GEN Subodh Das CPM 8852 1864 Kalidas Dutta INC INC INC 6988
1993 GEN Subodh Das CPM 8528 1885 Ashutosh Das INC INC INC 6643
1988 GEN Subodh Das CPM 7774 1283 Ashutosh Das INC INC INC 6491
1983 GEN Subhodh Chnadra Das CPM 6642 3595 Bibekananda Chakraborty IND IND IND 3047
1977 GEN Subodh Chandra Das CPM 5588 4807 Debendra Chandra Nath IND IND IND 781

List of Polling booths in Panisagar Assembly Constituency

0) Balakmani High School(n/w)
1) Balakmani High School(s/w)
2) Batrishdron Junior Basic School
3) Bhagat Singh J.b. School
4) Bhalluk Chara High School
5) Chamatila Junior Basic School
6) Dakshin Panisagar High School
7) Damachara Higher Secondary School(dakshinangsha)
8) Damachara Higher Secondary School(uttarangsha)
9) Dasharathnagar Senior Basic School
10) Jalabasa Higher Secondary School (pashchimangsha)
11) Jalabasa Higher Secondary School (purbangsha)
12) Jarulmura Junior Basic School
13) Kabi Sukanta Junior Basic School
14) Kacharichara Senior Basic School
15) Kohila Reang Chaudhuri Para Senior Basic School
16) Kunjanagar Junior Basic School
17) Laichakpara Junior Basic School
18) Longai Narendra Nagar High School(dakshinangsha)
19) Longai Narendra Nagar High School(uttarangsha)
20) Madhabpur Senior Basic School(purbangsha)
21) Noagang Indracherra High School
22) North District Sports School
23) Noydron Colony Senior Basic School
24) Padmabil Colony Senior Basic School
25) Padmabil Duganga Senior Basic School(dakshinangsha)
26) Padmabil Duganga Senior Basic School(uttarangsha)
27) Padmabil Higher Secondary School(pashchimangsha)
28) Padmabil Higher Secondary School(purbangsha)
29) Panisagar Dcm Office
30) Panisagar Higher Secondary School(dakshinangsha)
31) Panisagar Higher Secondary School(uttarangsha)
32) Panisagar P.w.d.office
33) Pashchim Panisagar High School
34) Pekuchhara High School
35) Piplachara Model Senior Basic School
36) Purba Padmabil High School(e/w)
37) Purba Padmabil High School(w/w)
38) Purba Rahum Cherra Junior Basic School
39) Rabindra Smriti Junior Basic School
40) Ramchandra Som J.b. School
41) Rangamoyee Anganwadi Centre
42) Rauwa High School(dakshinangsha)
43) Rauwa High School(uttarangsha)
44) Rauwa Panchayet Office
45) Thumcharai Para Senior Basic School
46) Tripura Forest Development Corporation Office
47) Uttamjoypara Senior Basic School
48) Uttar Padmabil Bhumihin Colony Senior Basic School(pashchimangsha)
49) Uttar Padmabil Bhumihin Colony Senior Basic School(purbangsha)

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