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Major Political Parties in Kanchanpur Assembly Constituency

CPM , BJP , INPT , INC are the major political parties in Kanchanpur Assembly Constituency .
TUS , TJS are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Kanchanpur Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Kanchanpur Assembly Constituency is Prem Kumar Reang from party CPM party

Mandals in Kanchanpur Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Kanchanpur Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 (ST) Rajendra Reang CPM 17186 1081 Drao Kumar Reang INPT INPT INPT 16105
2008 (ST) Rajendra Reang CPM 13952 503 Sanjit Kumar Reang INC INC INC 13449
2003 (ST) Rajendra Reang CPM 9700 1 Rajendra Reang INPT INPT INPT 9699
1998 (ST) Binduram Reang CPM 8948 4163 Nanjira Reang BJP BJP BJP 4785
1993 (ST) Lenprasad Malsai CPM 9228 3479 Drao Kumar Reang TJS TJS TJS 5749
1988 (ST) Drao Kumar Riang TUS 6457 194 Len Prasad Malsai CPM CPM CPM 6263
1983 (ST) Len Prasad Malsai CPM 6052 1731 Draokumar Reang TUS TUS TUS 4321
1977 (ST) Mandida Reang CPM 5608 3596 Sukadayal Jamatia TUS TUS TUS 2012
1972 (ST) Raimuni Riang Choudhury INC 3126 988 Len Prasad Riang CPM CPM CPM 2138
1967 (ST) R . P . Choudhury INC 5192 2707 M . Reang CPM CPM CPM 2485

List of Polling booths in Kanchanpur Assembly Constituency

0) Ahalyapur Senior Basic School
1) Anandabazar Dcm Office
2) Anandabazar High School(dakshinangsha)
3) Anandabazar High School(uttarangsha)
4) Barhali S/b School
5) Bhandarima Senior Basic School
6) Chandicharan Chaudhuri Para Senior Basic School
7) Dopatachara Senior Basic School
8) Durgaram Reangpara Class Xii School (n/w)
9) Durgaram Reangpara Class Xii School (s/w)
10) Gachiram Para High School(dakshinangsha)
11) Gachiram Para High School(uttarangsha)
12) Gomohan Para Senior Basic School
13) Gunadhar Para Anganwadi Kendra
14) Helenpur S.b. School
15) Kanchanapur D.c.m. Office
16) Kanchanapur Dwadash Shreni Vidyalaya(dakshinangsha)
17) Kanchanapur Dwadash Shreni Vidyalaya(purbangsha)
18) Kanchanapur Dwadash Shreni Vidyalaya(uttarangsha)
19) Kanchancherra J.b. School
20) Karnajoy Chaudhuri Para High School
21) Khakchang Para A. D. C Village Office (uttarangsha)
22) Labaram Chaudhuri Para Senior Basic School
23) Laxmipur Senior Basic School
24) Maniram Chaudhuri Para Senior Basic School
25) Mitrajoy Para J.b. School
26) Nakuljay Chaudhuri Para Senior Basic School
27) North Laxmipur North Senior Basic School
28) Purnajay Chaudhuri Para High School
29) Pushparam Para Senior Basic School
30) Rabindranagar H.s School (m/w)
31) Rabindranagar H.s. School (purbangsha)
32) Radhamadhabpur High School
33) Raimani Chaudhuri Para Senior Basic School
34) Ramcharan Chaudhuri Para High School
35) Saikar Para Senior Basic School
36) Sakhan Sermun Senior Basic School
37) Satnala Class Xii School (n/w)
38) Satnala Class Xii School (s/w)
39) Shantipur (b) Jb School
40) Shantipur High School
41) Shilbari Seniour Basic School
42) Shuknachara Senior Basic School
43) Soilowng Para Jb School
44) Sub Zonal Office T.t.a.a.d. C.
45) Subhashnagar Icds Sector Office
46) Subrata Nagar Senior Basic School
47) Tuichamapara Senior Basic School

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