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Major Political Parties in Golaghati Assembly Constituency

CPM , INPT , INC are the major political parties in Golaghati Assembly Constituency .
TUS , TJS are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Golaghati Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Golaghati Assembly Constituency is Birendra Kishore Debbarma from party CPM party

Mandals in Golaghati Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Golaghati Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 (ST) Keshab Debbarma CPM 19181 4533 Manab Debbarma INPT INPT INPT 14648
2008 (ST) Kesab Debbarma CPM 13990 2987 Ashok Debbarma INC INC INC 11003
2003 (ST) Ashok Debbarma INC 10080 1 Niranjan Debbarma CPM CPM CPM 10079
1998 (ST) Niranjan Debbarma CPM 11028 949 Ashok Debbarma INC INC INC 10079
1993 (ST) Niranjan Deb Barma CPM 10465 3214 Buddha Deb Barma TJS TJS TJS 7251
1988 (ST) Budha Debbarma TUS 9141 9 Niranjan Debbarma CPM CPM CPM 9132
1983 (ST) Buddhya Deb Barma TUS 8011 813 Niranjan Deb Barma CPM CPM CPM 7198
1977 (ST) Naranjan Debbarma CPM 4254 1083 Budha Debbarma TUS TUS TUS 3171

List of Polling booths in Golaghati Assembly Constituency

0) Baidyar Dhighi H.s. School
1) Barjala Panchayat Office
2) Barjala Purba Para J.b. School
3) Dakshin Golaghati S.b.school
4) Dukhi Kobra Para S.b. School
5) Golaghati High School(dakshinangsha)
6) Golaghati High School(pashchimangsha)
7) Gopinagar Samaj Shiksha Kendra
8) Hirapur S.b. School
9) Jagaibari S.b. School
10) Jarul Bachai Brajalal S.b.school
11) Kalkalia High School(pashchim
12) Kalkalia High School(purba Dakshinangsha)
13) Kalkaliya Colony S. B. School
14) Kanchanmala S.b. School(north
15) Kasba J.b.school
16) Latiyachara High School(dakshin
17) Latiyachara High School(uttarapurbangsha)
18) Laxmichara Ramkrishna H.s. School(purbangsha)
19) Laxmiichara Ramkrishna H.s. School(east
20) Mangaljit Para S.b. School(pashchimangsha)
21) Mangaljit S.b. School(purbangsha)
22) Mul Sarai Para High School (uttarangsha)
23) Musarai Para High School (dakshinangsha)
24) No. 2 Pathaliaghat S.b. School
25) Pathaliyaghat High School(pashchimangsha)
26) Pathaliyaghat High School(purbangsha)
27) Pekuwar Jala H.s School(purbangsha)
28) Pekuwar Jala H.s School(uttarangsha)
29) Prabhapur S.b.school(pashchim Dakshinangsha)
30) Prabhapur S.b.school(pashchim Uttarangsha)
31) Pramodenagar High School
32) Shrinagar Gabarddi H.s.school (uttarangsha)
33) Shrinagar Gabarddi H.s.school(dakshinangsha)
34) Shrinagar Gram Panchayet Office
35) Shrinagar Kabi Sukanta High School(dakshinangsha)
36) Shrinagar Kabi Sukanta High School(pashchimangsha)
37) Shyamnagar S.b. School
38) Sipaijala H.s.school(dakshinangsha)
39) Sipaijala H.s.school(purbangsha)
40) Telarban High School (purbangsha)
41) Telarban High.school(north Madhyangsha)
42) Ujan Golaghati High School( Madhyangsha)
43) Ujan Golaghati High School(north Purbangsha)
44) Ujan Golaghati High School(uttar Pashchimangsha)
45) Ujan Larma S.b. School(pashchimangsha)
46) Ujan Larma S.b. School(purbangsha)
47) Ujjala Service Co
48) Woareng Bari S.b. School

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