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Major Political Parties in Bishalgarh Assembly Constituency

CPM , INC are the major political parties in Bishalgarh Assembly Constituency .
JNP , is the political party popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Bishalgarh Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Bishalgarh Assembly Constituency is Bhanulal Saha from party CPM party

Mandals in Bishalgarh Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Bishalgarh Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 GEN Bhanulal Saha CPM 20987 1724 Samir Ranjan Barman INC INC INC 19263
2008 GEN Bhanulal Saha CPM 15457 914 Samir Ranjan Barman INC INC INC 14543
2003 GEN Samir Ranjan Barman INC 12414 1594 Bhanulal Saha CPM CPM CPM 10820
1998 GEN Samir Ranjan Barman INC 10876 1798 Mati Lal Sarkar CPM CPM CPM 9078
1993 GEN Samir Rajan Barman INC 16404 11770 Bhanu Lal Saha CPM CPM CPM 4634
1988 GEN Samir Ranjan Barman INC 10068 1882 Bhanulal Saha CPM CPM CPM 8186
1983 GEN Bhanu Lal Saha CPM 7340 440 Samar Ranjan Barman INC INC INC 6900
1977 GEN Gautam Prasad Dutta CPM 5384 1838 Samir Ranjan Barman JNP JNP JNP 3546
1972 GEN Samir Ranjan Barman INC 2777 139 Babul Sengupta CPM CPM CPM 2638
1967 GEN U . L . Singh INC 8072 1936 B . M . Saha IND IND IND 6136

List of Polling booths in Bishalgarh Assembly Constituency

0) 2no Chandranagar S.b. School
1) Arabindanagar Gram Panchayet Office
2) Bishalgarh Dak Bunglow Anganwadi Centre
3) Bishalgarh H.s School (dakshinangsha)
4) Bishalgarh H.s. School (pashchimangsha)
5) Bishalgarh H.s. School (purbangsha)
6) Bishalgarh Town Girls High School (uttar Purbangsha)
7) Bishalgarh Town Girls High School(pashchim Uttarangsha)
8) Bishalgarh Town Girls High School(pashchimangsha)
9) Chandra Nagar High School
10) Chandranagar Anganwadi Centre (near Dayamoy Ashram)
11) Chandranagar Gram Panchayet Office
12) Chelikhala S.b. School (dakshinangsha)
13) Chelikhala S.b. School (pashchimangsha)
14) Dhabajanagar Anganwadi Kendra
15) Durganagar Bhadravati High School
16) Gajaria Gram Panchayet Office
17) Ghaniyamara Anganwadi Kendra
18) Ghaniyamara H.s.school
19) Hasan Hosen Para Anganwadi Kendra
20) Kadamtali Anganwadi Kendra
21) Karaimura H.s School (madhyangsha)
22) Karaimura H.s. School (north Purbangsha)
23) Khudiram S.b. School
24) Madhumala S.b. School
25) Mudabadi High School(pashchimangsha)
26) Mudabari High School(dakshinangsha)
27) Murabari High School(uttarangsha)
28) Nabinagar Anganwadi Kendra
29) Nabinagar Islamiya Madrasa
30) Namahpada Anganwadi Kendra
31) Naraura Anganwadi Kendra
32) Naraura Madrasa
33) Nari Mangal High School (pashchimangsha)
34) Nari Mangal High School (purbangsha)
35) New Pashchim Laxmiibil School
36) Nuapara S.b. School
37) Office Of The Assitant Engineer M.i. And W. R
38) Office Tila H.s School(dakshinangsha)
39) Office Tila H.s School (pashchimangsha)
40) Office Tila H.s School(madhyangsha)
41) Pashchim Laxmibil J.b. School (old)
42) Prabhurampur J.b.school
43) Purathal Rajnagar Gram Panchayet Office
44) Purathal Rajnagar S.b.school(dakshinangsha)
45) Purathal Rajnagar S.b.school(uttarangsha)
46) Purba Laxmibil High School (pashchimangsha)
47) Purba Laxmibil High School (uttarangsha)
48) Raghunthapur Gaon Panchayet Office
49) Ratan Nagar S.b. School(dakshin

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