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Major Political Parties in Ampinagar Assembly Constituency

CPM , INPT , TUJS are the major political parties in Ampinagar Assembly Constituency .
TUS , TJS , are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Ampinagar Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Ampinagar Assembly Constituency is Sindhu Chandra Jamatia from party CPM party

Mandals in Ampinagar Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Ampinagar Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 (ST) Daniel Jamatia CPM 15714 2784 Nagendra Jamatia INPT INPT INPT 12930
2008 (ST) Daniel Jamatia CPM 14284 2944 Nagendra Jamatia INPT INPT INPT 11340
2003 (ST) Nagendra Jamatia INPT 11439 464 Nakshatra Jamatia CPM CPM CPM 10975
1998 (ST) Nagendra Jamatia TUJS 11054 1380 Upaharan Jamatia CPM CPM CPM 9674
1993 (ST) Debabrata Koloy IND 11488 2428 Negendra Jamatia TJS TJS TJS 9060
1988 (ST) Nagendra Jamatia TUS 10882 2090 Debabrata Koloy IND IND IND 8792
1983 (ST) Nagendra Jamatia TUS 9449 4508 Madhu Sudan Kalai CPM CPM CPM 4941
1977 (ST) Nagendra Jamatia TUS 5744 930 Madhu Sudan Kalai CPM CPM CPM 4814
1972 (ST) Bullu Kuki CPM 3663 1523 Gopinath Jamatia IND IND IND 2140

List of Polling booths in Ampinagar Assembly Constituency

0) Ampinagar Class
1) Ashachandra Para Junior Basic School
2) Baishyamani Para High School
3) Birmani Para S.b. School
4) Chechhua Bari Senior Basic School
5) Dalakbari Senior Basic School
6) Darshan Reang Para Senior Basic School
7) Dhalachara S.b. School
8) Dinachari Senior Basic School
9) Doctor Singh Para S.b. School
10) Dulumabari S.b. School (n/w)
11) Dulumabari S.b. School (s/w)
12) Duwari Kanai Para Junior Basic School
13) Gamakobari S.b. School
14) Garjantilla S.b. School
15) Gatiram Bari S.b. School
16) Hatiroy Para High School (e/w)
17) Hatiroy Para High School (w/w)
18) Jambuk Bari Senior Basic School (e/w)
19) Jambuk Bari Senior Basic School (w/w)
20) Kamalasundari Smriti S.b. School
21) Kamlaibari S.b. School
22) Karaimura Bari Junior Basic School
23) Krishnachandra Para High School
24) Kunjaram Para J.b. School
25) Kusumchandra Para Junior Basic School
26) Lataham Para S.b. School
27) Malbasa High School
28) Mandaibari S.b. School
29) Nabinroy Bari High School
30) Nagrai Bari High School
31) Noitanlal Kaipeng Para J.b. School
32) Nopangrua Junior Basic School
33) Office Of The B.d.o Ampinagar R.d. Block
34) Office Of The S.d.o (p.w.d) Ampinagar
35) Palku Bari High School
36) Pashchim Malbasa Senior Basic School
37) Pilanjoypara S.b. School
38) Purbadhan Bari Senior Basic School
39) Sarbong Bari High School
40) Septembari S.b. School
41) Sonachara S.b. School
42) Taichakama Junior Basic School
43) Taidubari Class
44) Taidubari S.b. School
45) Tetuibari High School
46) Tingharia High School
47) Twisarangchak T.m.c.high School
48) Uttar Taidu Gaon Panchayet Office

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