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Major Political Parties in Surajgarh Assembly Constituency

BJP , INC are the major political parties in Surajgarh Assembly Constituency .
LKD , JD , JNP(SC) , SWA , JNP are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Surajgarh Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Surajgarh Assembly Constituency is subhash poonia s/o lokram poonia from party BJP party

Mandals in Surajgarh Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Surajgarh Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 GEN Santosh Ahlawat BJP 108840 50219 Shrawan Kumar INC INC INC 58621
2008 GEN Sharwan Kumar INC 44985 7214 Santosh Ahlawat BJP BJP BJP 37771
2003 (SC) Sundar Lal BJP 43555 3717 Babu Lal Khanda IND IND IND 39838
1998 (SC) Hanuman Prasad INC 43261 9021 Sundarlal BJP BJP BJP 34240
1993 (SC) Sunder Lal IND 38378 3867 Babul Lal Khanda INC INC INC 34511
1990 (SC) Babu Lal JD 54765 19651 Sundar Lal INC INC INC 35114
1985 (SC) Sunder Lal INC 40061 8416 Suraj Mal LKD LKD LKD 31645
1980 (SC) Sundar Lal IND 23010 5718 Suraj Mal JNP(SC) JNP(SC) JNP(SC) 17292
1977 (SC) Subhash Chand Arya JNP 23881 5648 Sunder Lal INC INC INC 18233
1972 (SC) Sunder Lal INC 18632 9181 Suraj Mal IND IND IND 9451
1967 (SC) Surajmal SWA 15589 1239 M.P. Bunka INC INC INC 14350
1962 (SC) Shiv Narain Chhachhia SWA 11500 2013 Mahadeo Prasad INC INC INC 9487

List of Polling booths in Surajgarh Assembly Constituency

0) Aadras Govt. Adrash Ups School Chitosha(left Wing)
1) Aadras Govt. Adrash Ups School Chitosha(right Wing)
2) Aadras Govt. Sr. Sec. S. Hirva(right Wing)
3) Ambedkar Bhaven Harigan Basti Surajgarh
4) Anuj Public Sr. Sec School Singhana (left Wingh
5) Anuj Public Sr. Sec School Singhana (right Wing)
6) Dalmiya Ki Dharmsala High School Road Surajgarh
7) Govt Girls U.p.s Saga(right Wing)
8) Govt P.s. Gopalpura
9) Govt Sec. School Dhulwa
10) Govt U.p.s. Jaysinghsar
11) Govt. Aadras Sec. School Lakhu
12) Govt. Adarsh U.p.s. Sanwlod(left Wing)
13) Govt. Adarsh U.p.s. Sanwlod(right Wing)
14) Govt. Adrash Sec. School Dhaka Mandi
15) Govt. Girls Sec. School Dhadhot Kalan(left Wing)
16) Govt. Girls Sec. School Dhadhot Kalan(right Wing)
17) Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Near Market Surajgarh
18) Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Singhana (left Wing)
19) Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Singhana (right Wing)
20) Govt. Girls U.p.s. Ghardana Kalan (left Wing)
21) Govt. Girls U.p.s. Ghardana Kalan (right Wing)
22) Govt. Girls U.p.s. Ishmilepur
23) Govt. Girls U.p.s. Sahad(left Wing)
24) Govt. Girls U.p.s. Sahad(right Wing)
25) Govt. Girls Ups Pichanwa
26) Govt. Girls Ups. Dumoli Khurd
27) Govt. Girls. U.p.s. Parsh Nagar
28) Govt. Girls.sec. School Left Wingh Gadakhera
29) Govt. Girls.sec. School Right Wingh Gadakhera
30) Govt. Girlsu.p.s. Ishamilpur
31) Govt. P S Nai Chattari Mandi Road Surajgarh
32) Govt. P.s. Amarpura Khurad
33) Govt. P.s. Amarsar
34) Govt. P.s. Bishanpura
35) Govt. P.s. Dhani Hukama(left Wing)
36) Govt. P.s. Dhani Hukama(right Wing)
37) Govt. P.s. Dhani Laxman
38) Govt. P.s. Fatehpura
39) Govt. P.s. Ghardana Khurad
40) Govt. P.s. Jaysinghpura
41) Govt. P.s. Jhajarion Ki Dhani
42) Govt. P.s. Khatikaan Mohala Surajgarh
43) Govt. P.s. Khayaliyao Ki Dhani
44) Govt. P.s. Mainana
45) Govt. P.s. Manoharpura
46) Govt. P.s. Pichanvasi
47) Govt. P.s. Raili
48) Govt. P.s. Rajpura
49) Govt. P.s. Rajveer Pura

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