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Major Political Parties in Sheo Assembly Constituency

BJP , INC are the major political parties in Sheo Assembly Constituency .
INC(I) , JD , SWA , JNP , are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Sheo Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Sheo Assembly Constituency is ameen khan from party INC party

Mandals in Sheo Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Sheo Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 GEN Manvendra Singh BJP 100934 31425 Ameen Khan INC INC INC 69509
2008 GEN Ameen Khan INC 75787 29860 Jalam Singh BJP BJP BJP 45927
2003 GEN Jalam Singh BJP 72526 10997 Amin Khan INC INC INC 61529
1998 GEN Ameen Khan INC 64552 19317 Hari Singh Sodha BJP BJP BJP 45235
1993 GEN Hari Singh BJP 47881 6142 Ameen Khan INC INC INC 41739
1990 GEN Amin Khan INC 38756 4587 Hari Singh JD JD JD 34169
1985 GEN Umed Singh JNP 40002 11137 Amin Khan INC INC INC 28865
1980 GEN Amin Khan INC(I) 16700 4969 Sobhasingh IND IND IND 11731
1977 GEN Kan Singh JNP 12680 525 Taga Ram Choudhary INC INC INC 12155
1972 GEN Hukam Singh INC 9376 9 Kan Singh SWA SWA SWA 9367
1967 GEN H. Singh INC 11564 2229 K. Singh SWA SWA SWA 9335

List of Polling booths in Sheo Assembly Constituency

0) Goverment Primary School Kalyanpura
1) Goverment Primary School Machron Ka Tala
2) Goverment Primary School Nawapura
3) Goverment Primary School Udshiyar
4) Goverment Secondary School Aarbi Ka Gafan
5) Goverment Secondary School Ramjan Ki Gafan
6) Goverment Secondary School Ratasar
7) Goverment Senior Secondary School Bhojariya Daya Bhag
8) Goverment Senior Secondary School Shobhala Jetmal Daya Bhag
9) Goverment Shishakarmi Primary School Rathoro Ka Tala
10) Goverment Siksakarmi Primary Schoo Masjidpada Kifayetnager
11) Goverment Upper Primary School Bhabhute Ki Dhani
12) Goverment Upper Primary School Ghoniya
13) Goverment Upper Primary School Jakhron Ka Dhani
14) Goverment Upper Primary School Janduon Ka Tala
15) Goverment Upper Primary School Lidiyala
16) Goverment Upper Primary School Poshal
17) Goverment Upper Primary School Rannatali
18) Goverment Upper Primary School Rasbani
19) Goverment Upper Primary School Ratasar Der
20) Government Parimary School Aali Ki Dhani
21) Government Parimary School Bakanna Nadi
22) Government Parimary School Darjiyon Ka Tala
23) Government Parimary School Nandram Ki Dhani
24) Government Parimary School Pananiyo Katala
25) Government Primary School Peethakar
26) Government Secondary School Dedusar Center Part
27) Government Secondary School Dedusar South Part
28) Government Secondary School Kelnor
29) Government Secondary School Nawatala Jetmal Est Part
30) Government Secondary School Nawatala Jetmal West Part
31) Government Secondary School Pardiya
32) Government Senior Secondary School Bijrad
33) Government Senior Secondary School Dharasar
34) Government Senior Secondary School Dhok Daya Bhag
35) Government Senior Secondary School Fogera Daya Bhag
36) Government Senior Secondary School Gunga Baya Bhag
37) Government Senior Secondary School Gunga Daya Bhag
38) Government Senior Secondary School Jaisaar
39) Government Senior Secondary School Jhankali Daya Bhag
40) Government Senior Secondary School Kanasar Daya Bhag
41) Government Senior Secondary School Kotda
42) Government Senior Secondary School Setrau Daya Bhag
43) Government Senior Secondary School Uprla Daya Bhag
44) Government Shishakarmi Parimary School Premingh Ki Dhani
45) Government Upper Parimary School Bhada Gulmohamd
46) Government Upper Parimary School Devpura
47) Government Upper Parimary School Huro Ka Tala
48) Government Upper Parimary School Jaisaar (hanumanpura)
49) Government Upper Parimary School Kumaro Ki Nadi Bankalsar

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