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Major Political Parties in Rajakhera Assembly Constituency

BJP , SP , INC are the major political parties in Rajakhera Assembly Constituency .
SSP , LKD , INC(I) , SOC , JD , BJS , JNP(SC) , JNP , are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Rajakhera Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Rajakhera Assembly Constituency is Pradhyumn Singh from party INC party

Mandals in Rajakhera Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Rajakhera Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 GEN Pradhyumn Singh INC 58880 26012 Vivek Singh Bohara BJP BJP BJP 32868
2008 GEN Raveendra Singh Bohra BJP 38237 2904 Pradhyumn Singh INC INC INC 35333
2003 GEN Pradhuman Singh INC 41106 7884 Ravindra Singh SP SP SP 33222
1998 GEN Pradyumn Singh INC 42920 17692 Manorama Singh BJP BJP BJP 25228
1994 GEN Smt. Manorama BJP 40054 9584 Pradyuman Singh INC INC INC 30470
1990 GEN Pradyuman Singh INC 40460 2277 Mohan Prakash JD JD JD 38183
1985 GEN Mohan Prakash LKD 36208 3381 Ravindra Singh INC INC INC 32827
1980 GEN Pradhuman Singh INC(I) 27522 1158 Mohan Prakash JNP(SC) JNP(SC) JNP(SC) 26364
1977 GEN Pradyuman Singh IND 23587 7338 Mothan Prakash JNP JNP JNP 16249
1972 GEN Pradyuman Singh INC 31078 9275 Mahendra Singh BJS BJS BJS 21803
1967 GEN P. Singh INC 26366 19063 M. Singh SSP SSP SSP 7303
1965 GEN Damodar Vyas INC 18714 9042 M.Singh IND IND IND 9672
1962 GEN Pratap Singh INC 17941 7144 Maharaj Singh SOC SOC SOC 10797
1957 GEN Mahendra Singh IND 8024 601 Mangal Singh S/O Baji Rao INC INC INC 7423

List of Polling booths in Rajakhera Assembly Constituency

0) D. S Public School Rajakhera
1) Government Upper Primary School Kasganj Left Side
2) Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Rajakhera
3) Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Maniya Left Side
4) Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School Maniya Right Side
5) Govt. Primary School Atiraj Ka Pura
6) Govt. Primary School Bagcholi Khar
7) Govt. Primary School Bahari Ka Pura
8) Govt. Primary School Barabat
9) Govt. Primary School Bhoriya
10) Govt. Primary School Bucha Ka Pura
11) Govt. Primary School Dharmpura
12) Govt. Primary School Dhondikapura
13) Govt. Primary School Gadi
14) Govt. Primary School Gadi Jabahar
15) Govt. Primary School Inchhapura
16) Govt. Primary School Jayera
17) Govt. Primary School Jhadekapura
18) Govt. Primary School Kailashpura
19) Govt. Primary School Madhabhau
20) Govt. Primary School Madhabujurg
21) Govt. Primary School Mahuri
22) Govt. Primary School Radhepur
23) Govt. Primary School Semar Ka Pura
24) Govt. Primary School Siyapura
25) Govt. Primary School Virjapura
26) Govt. Secondary School Dubati Right Side
27) Govt. Secondary School Ataroli
28) Govt. Secondary School Bajana Left Side
29) Govt. Secondary School Bajana Right Side
30) Govt. Secondary School Besik Rajakhera Left Side
31) Govt. Secondary School Besik Rajakhera Right Side
32) Govt. Secondary School Bothpura
33) Govt. Secondary School Cheelpura
34) Govt. Secondary School Dayeri
35) Govt. Secondary School Dhodikapura
36) Govt. Secondary School Dubati Left Side
37) Govt. Secondary School Gadi Jafar
38) Govt. Secondary School Ganhedi Right Side
39) Govt. Secondary School Garhi Vinatipura
40) Govt. Secondary School Kotpura
41) Govt. Secondary School Mahadpura
42) Govt. Secondary School Mojakanagala
43) Govt. Secondary School Nadoli Left Side
44) Govt. Secondary School Nadoli Right Side
45) Govt. Secondary School Phoolpur
46) Govt. Secondary School Sadapur
47) Govt. Secondary School Shahpura Left Side
48) Govt. Secondary School Sikaroda
49) Govt. Secondary School Tanda

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