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Major Political Parties in Bamanwas Assembly Constituency

LSWP , BJP , INC are the major political parties in Bamanwas Assembly Constituency .
JNP(JP) , INC(I) , SWA , JNP are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Bamanwas Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Bamanwas Assembly Constituency is Kunji Lal from party BJP party

Mandals in Bamanwas Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Bamanwas Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 (ST) Kunji Lal BJP 45085 5662 Nawal Kishore INC INC INC 39423
2008 (ST) Nawal Kishor Meena INC 45204 18552 Sampat Lal LSWP LSWP LSWP 26652
2003 (ST) Heera Lal IND 39259 8911 Naval Kishore INC INC INC 30348
1998 (ST) Kirodi Lal BJP 40385 13155 Bharat Lal IND IND IND 27230
1993 (ST) Heera Lal INC 37083 4350 Suwa Lal BJP BJP BJP 32733
1991 (ST) H.Lal INC 32124 3069 K.Lal BJP BJP BJP 29055
1990 (ST) Kunji Lal BJP 41262 13015 Hira Lal IND IND IND 28247
1985 (ST) Bharat Lal INC 33829 9888 Kunj Lal BJP BJP BJP 23941
1980 (ST) Kunji Lal JNP(JP) 25020 1103 Nathu Lal INC(I) INC(I) INC(I) 23917
1977 (ST) Kunji Lal JNP 24883 5586 Bharat Lal INC INC INC 19297
1972 (ST) Bharat Lal INC 20986 10280 Kunj Lal SWA SWA SWA 10706
1967 (ST) P. Bamanwas SWA 12535 1924 Bharatlal INC INC INC 10611

List of Polling booths in Bamanwas Assembly Constituency

0) Aanganbadi Bhawan Zahira Sav Center K Pass Zahira
1) Community Hall Peepalda Room No. 1
2) Community Hall Peepalda Room No. 2
3) Govt Primary School Gudla Nadi
4) Govt Girls Sen. Secondary School Bamanwas Pattikalan Left Side
5) Govt Girls Sen. Secondary School Bamanwas Pattikalan Right Side
6) Govt Primary School Somwas
7) Govt Primary School Thadi
8) Govt Primary School Bansdabanesingh
9) Govt Primary School Bus Stand Zahira
10) Govt Primary School Gadota
11) Govt Primary School Galadkhurd
12) Govt Primary School Garh Amawara
13) Govt Primary School Jaylalpura
14) Govt Primary School No. 3 Bonli
15) Govt Primary School Purabanesingh
16) Govt Primary School Ratanpura
17) Govt Primary School Sahrawata
18) Govt Secondary School Amawra Left Side
19) Govt Secondary School Amawra Right Side
20) Govt Secondary School Bamanwas Pattikalan Left Side
21) Govt Secondary School Bamanwas Pattikalan Right Side
22) Govt Secondary School Bandhawal Old Building
23) Govt Secondary School Bapui Left Side
24) Govt Secondary School Bapui Right Side
25) Govt Secondary School Bhedoli
26) Govt Secondary School Borkheda New Building
27) Govt Secondary School Didwadi North Part
28) Govt Secondary School Didwadi South Part
29) Govt Secondary School Gangawada
30) Govt Secondary School Gotod
31) Govt Secondary School Jastana Left Side
32) Govt Secondary School Jastana Right Side
33) Govt Secondary School Jatawati
34) Govt Secondary School Lakhanpur
35) Govt Secondary School Mamdoli
36) Govt Secondary School Moran
37) Govt Secondary School Pipalda New Building Left Side
38) Govt Secondary School Pipalda New Building Right Side
39) Govt Secondary School Raghopura
40) Govt Secondary School Shisholav
41) Govt Secondary School Toda Tanki K Pass
42) Govt Secondary School Udgaon East Part
43) Govt Secondary School Udgaon West Part
44) Govt Sen. Secondary School Jhanun
45) Govt Shastri Sanskrit Collage Bonli Left Side
46) Govt Shastri Sanskrit Collage Bonli Right Side
47) Govt Upper Primary School Gotda
48) Govt Upper Primary School Aluda
49) Govt Upper Primary School Bahnoli

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