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Major Political Parties in Shutrana Assembly Constituency

SAD , CPI , INC are the major political parties in Shutrana Assembly Constituency .
INC(I) is the political party popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Shutrana Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Shutrana Assembly Constituency is nirmal singh from party SAD party

Mandals in Shutrana Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Shutrana Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2012 (SC) Vaninder Kaur Loomba SAD 47764 772 Nirmal Singh INC INC INC 46992
2007 (SC) Nirmal Singh INC 53888 2595 Hamir Singh Ghagga SAD SAD SAD 51293
2002 (SC) Nirmal Singh SAD 34123 15556 Hamir Singh IND IND IND 18567
1997 (SC) Gurdev Singh Sidhu SAD 45592 16173 Ram Chand CPI CPI CPI 29419
1992 (SC) Hamir Singh INC 7025 3057 Nirmal Singh SAD SAD SAD 3968
1985 (SC) Satwant Singh Mohi SAD 26951 10987 Manu Ram INC INC INC 15964
1980 (SC) Baldev Singh CPI 26110 7162 Bhajan Lal INC(I) INC(I) INC(I) 18948
1977 (SC) Baldev Singh CPI 22481 135 Gurdev Singh SAD SAD SAD 22346

List of Polling booths in Shutrana Assembly Constituency

0) Dharmshala Harman Nagar Patran
1) Govt Kirti Collage Niyal ( East Side)
2) Govt Kirti Collage Niyal (west Side)
3) Govt. Ele School Kakrala (east Side)
4) Govt. Ele.school Mardan Herhi (east Side)
5) Govt..s.s.school Patran (east Side)
6) Govt.ele School Kularan (west Side)
7) Govt.ele. School Asmanpur
8) Govt.ele. School Dodra
9) Govt.ele. School Ghangoli
10) Govt.ele. School Kularan (east Side)
11) Govt.ele.schoo Duggal Khurd L(east Side)
12) Govt.ele.school Ahmed Nagar Urf Khanewal ( East Side)
13) Govt.ele.school Ahmed Nagar Urf Khanewal ( West Side)
14) Govt.ele.school Arnetu (east Side)
15) Govt.ele.school Arnetu (west Side)
16) Govt.ele.school Arno (east)
17) Govt.ele.school Arno (north)
18) Govt.ele.school Arno (west)
19) Govt.ele.school Attalan (east Side)
20) Govt.ele.school Attalan (west Side)
21) Govt.ele.school Bakraha
22) Govt.ele.school Beharjachh (east)
23) Govt.ele.school Beharjachh (west)
24) Govt.ele.school Bhagwanpura Urf Sadharanpur (east Side)
25) Govt.ele.school Bhagwanpura Urf Sadharanpur (west Side)
26) Govt.ele.school Bhedpuri
27) Govt.ele.school Bhootgarh Alias Dayalpura ( West Side)
28) Govt.ele.school Bhootgarh Alias Dayalpura (east Side)
29) Govt.ele.school Bishanpura Urf Banwala
30) Govt.ele.school Brass (east Side)
31) Govt.ele.school Brass (west Side)
32) Govt.ele.school Bujrak (west Side)
33) Govt.ele.school Bujrak(east Side)
34) Govt.ele.school Burarh
35) Govt.ele.school Chhabilpur
36) Govt.ele.school Chunagra Urf Dayalpura (east Side)
37) Govt.ele.school Chunagra Urf Dayalpura (west Side)
38) Govt.ele.school Chupki
39) Govt.ele.school Daroli (west Side)
40) Govt.ele.school Daroli (east Side)
41) Govt.ele.school Dedhna (east Side)
42) Govt.ele.school Dedhna (north Side)
43) Govt.ele.school Dedhna (west Side)
44) Govt.ele.school Deogarh
45) Govt.ele.school Dhabi Gujjaran ( West Side)
46) Govt.ele.school Dhabi Gujjaran (east Side)
47) Govt.ele.school Dhuharh (east Side)
48) Govt.ele.school Dhuharh (west Side)
49) Govt.ele.school Dugaal Kalan ( East Side)

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