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Major Political Parties in Garhshankar Assembly Constituency

INC(I) , SAD , CPI , JNP , INC are the major political parties in Garhshankar Assembly Constituency .
INC , SCF , BJP , BJP , BSP are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Garhshankar Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Garhshankar Assembly Constituency is jai krishan from party SAD party

Mandals in Garhshankar Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Garhshankar Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
1980 GEN Sarwan Ram INC(I) 23741 3209 Darshan Singh CPI CPI CPI 20532
1977 GEN Darshan Singh CPI 20373 1123 Bhagya Chander JNP JNP JNP 19250
1972 GEN Darshan Singh CPI 24450 13899 Baldev Singh SAD SAD SAD 10551
1969 GEN Rattan Singh INC 17961 1665 Darshan Singh Canadian CPI CPI CPI 16296
1967 GEN Capt. R. Singh INC 20412 6934 D. Singh CPI CPI CPI 13478
1962 GEN Rattan Singh INC 27795 16770 Bhag Singh CPI CPI CPI 11025
1957 (ST) Dasonda Singh INC 39300 6553 Chanan Ram SCF SCF SCF 32747
1957 (ST) Bhag Singh CPI 36425 3723 Rattan Singh INC INC INC 32702
2012 GEN Surinder Singh Bhulewal Rathan SAD 47728 6293 Lov Kumar Goldy INC INC INC 41435
2007 GEN Lov Kumar Goldy INC 33876 4068 Mohinder Pal Mann BJP BJP BJP 29808
2004 GEN Lov Kumar Goldi INC 37378 18080 Mohinder Pal Mann BJP BJP BJP 19298
2002 GEN Avinash Rai Khanna BJP 24638 6175 Shingara Ram Sahungra BSP BSP BSP 18463
1997 GEN Shingara Ram Sahungra BSP 21291 801 Avinash BJP BJP BJP 20490
1992 GEN Shangara Ram BSP 15390 6826 Kamal Singh INC INC INC 8564
1985 GEN Sarwanram INC 23675 3873 Darshan Singh CPI CPI CPI 19802

List of Polling booths in Garhshankar Assembly Constituency

0) Baldev Singh Sen Sec School Mahilpur (boys) (es)
1) Baldev Singh Sen Sec School Mahilpur (boys) (ms)
2) Baldev Singh Sen Sec School Mahilpur (boys) (w.s)
3) Co
4) D A V College For Girls Garhshankar (ws)
5) D.a.v. College For Girls Garhshankar (es)
6) Dharamshala Salempur
7) G E S Achalpur
8) G E S Akalgarh
9) G E S Amian Muglan
10) G E S Badesron (es)
11) G E S Badesron (ws)
12) G E S Badhiar (es)
13) G E S Badhiar (ws)
14) G E S Bagwai
15) G E S Barapur
16) G E S Bdpo Colony Mahilpur
17) G E S Bhajjal
18) G E S Bharowal
19) G E S Bhawanipur (bhagtan)
20) G E S Bhawanipur (es)
21) G E S Bhawanipur (ws)
22) G E S Bihra
23) G E S Bilron (es)
24) G E S Bilron (ws)
25) G E S Binewal (es)
26) G E S Binewal (tibbian) (es)
27) G E S Binewal (tibbian) (ws)
28) G E S Binewal (ws)
29) G E S Binjon
30) G E S Birampur (es)
31) G E S Birampur (ws)
32) G E S Bohra (es)
33) G E S Chahalpur
34) G E S Chak Hajipur
35) G E S Chak Phullu (es)
36) G E S Chak Rautan
37) G E S Dadial
38) G E S Dalewal (ws)
39) G E S Dandewal
40) G E S Dansiwal
41) G E S Denowal Khurad
42) G E S Dhamai (ws)
43) G E S Gadiwal
44) G E S Gajjar
45) G E S Ghago Roranwali
46) G E S Ghagon Guru
47) G E S Gogon
48) G E S Golian
49) G E S Haibowal

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