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Major Political Parties in Rajabala Assembly Constituency

UDP , NCP , INC are the major political parties in Rajabala Assembly Constituency .
BJP is the political party popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Rajabala Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Rajabala Assembly Constituency is Dr. Azad Zaman from party IND party

Mandals in Rajabala Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Rajabala Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2013 GEN Ashahel D Shira IND 6572 891 Dr Azad Zaman IND IND IND 5681
2008 (ST) Sayeedullah Nongrum INC 7970 1662 Ashahel D.Shira NCP NCP NCP 6308
2003 (ST) Sayeedullah Nongrum INC 7125 214 Clement Marak NCP NCP NCP 6911
1998 (ST) Kapin Ch. Boro INC 6620 129 Sayeedullah Nongrum UDP UDP UDP 6491
1993 (ST) Sayeedullah Nongrum IND 6225 2394 Biren Hajong BJP BJP BJP 3831
1988 (ST) Miriam D. Shira IND 3459 813 Sibendra Narayan Koch IND IND IND 2646
1983 (ST) Md. Khorshedur Rahman Khan INC 3129 561 Mazibur Rahman IND IND IND 2568
1978 (ST) Mozibur Rahman IND 2896 19 Khursedur Khan INC INC INC 2877

List of Polling booths in Rajabala Assembly Constituency

0) Askikandi Community Hall
1) Askikandi U.p. School
2) Babilgre L.p. School
3) Balachanda L.p. School
4) Batabari L.p. School
5) Belbari L.p. School
6) Belbari M.e. School
7) Bhaitbari
8) Bhaitbari L.p. School (east Room)
9) Bhaitbari L.p. School (west Room)
10) Bhajamara L.p. School
11) Bharaligaon L.p. School
12) Bhatbari
13) Chokchokia M.e. School
14) Fersakandi L.p. School (east Room)
15) Fersakandi L.p. School (west Room)
16) Garodubi H.s. School (east Room)
17) Garodubi H.s. School (west Room)
18) Gimegre L.p. School
19) Goalgaon L.p. School
20) Gomaijhora L.p. School (new Building)
21) Gomaijhora U.p. School
22) Gutlibari L.p. School
23) Katchugre Govt. L.p. School
24) Khasigre L.p. School
25) Khilboi U.p. School
26) M.n. Adhoc Girls U.p. School (east Room)
27) M.n.adhoc Girls U.p. School (west Room)
28) Masangpani U.p. School
29) New Bhaitbari Bengali Govt. L.p. School
30) New Bhaitbari H.s. School
31) Rajabala H.e. School
32) Rongmatchokgre Ssa L.p. School
33) Sapalguri U.p. School
34) Shidakandi Govt L.p. School
35) Takimagre L.p. School

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