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Major Political Parties in Vaikom Assembly Constituency

INC , KC , CPI , INC are the major political parties in Vaikom Assembly Constituency .
CPM , KEC , CPI , are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Vaikom Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Vaikom Assembly Constituency is C K Asha from party CPI party

Mandals in Vaikom Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Vaikom Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
1957 GEN K. R. Narayanan INC 25818 654 C. K. Viswanathan CPI CPI CPI 25164
1960 GEN Sreenivasan CPI 32707 2069 Pavithran INC INC INC 30638
1965 GEN P. Parameswaran INC 15255 88 K. N. Narayanan Nair KC KC KC 15167
1967 GEN P . S . Srinivasan CPI 28502 9459 P . Parameswaran INC INC INC 19043
1970 GEN P. S. Srinivasan CPI 25491 463 K. Viswanathan IND IND IND 25028
1977 (SC) M. K. Kesavan CPI 39711 14941 K. G. Bhaskaran CPM CPM CPM 24770
1980 (SC) M. K. Kesavan CPI 40590 12492 Gopalan IND IND IND 28098
1982 (SC) M. K. Kesavan CPI 36582 631 M. Mural KEC KEC KEC 35951
1987 (SC) P. K. Raghavan CPI 44985 376 P. K. Gopi INC INC INC 44609
1991 (SC) K.K. Balakrishnan INC 50692 1038 K.P. Sreedharan CPI CPI CPI 49654
1996 (SC) M.K.Kesavan CPI 52262 9238 K.K. Balakrishnan INC INC INC 43024
1998 (SC) P. Narayanan CPI 52433 1276 Adv. V. P. Sajeendran INC INC INC 51157
2001 (SC) P Narayanan CPI 54675 7753 K V Padmanabhan INC INC INC 46922
2006 (SC) K Ajith CPI 52617 8781 Adv. V P Sajeendran INC INC INC 43836
2011 (SC) K. Ajith CPI 62603 10568 A Saneeshkumar INC INC INC 52035

List of Polling booths in Vaikom Assembly Constituency

0) "govt. Vocational H.s.s Vaikom West Western Building Second Room From North End
1) "govt.lp School Kallara Middle Portion
2) "sri Manikyavilasam Govt.lps Kallara East Building North End
3) "sri Manikyavilasam Govt.lps Kallara East Building South End
4) "sri Saradavilasam Govt.ups Kallara East Building
5) "sri Saradavilasam Govt.ups Kallara North Building East End
6) "sri Saradavilasam Govt.ups Kallara North Building West End
7) "srikrishnavilasam U P School Perumthuruth Northern Building
8) "srikrishnavilasam U P School Perumthuruth Southern Building
9) A J J M G G H S S Auditorium Thalayolaparampu (eastern Portion)
10) A J J M G G H S S Auditorium Thalayolaparampu (western Portion)
11) Athurasramam English School Udayanapuram Northern Building
12) Athurasramam English School Udayanapuram South Building West End
13) Athurasramam English School Udayanapuram Southern Building Eastern End
14) C. Kesavan Memorial U.p.s Thottakam
15) C. M. S. L . P. S Erumbayam South Portion
16) C. M. S. L. P. S Erumbayam North Portion
17) C.m.s.l.p.s Vadakara Eastern End
18) C.m.s.l.p.s Vadakara Western Portion
19) Devaswam Board College Thalayolaparambu
20) Govt. Devivilasam.h.s.s Kudavechoor Main Building Northern Portion
21) Govt. Devivilasam.h.s.s Kudavechoor New Building East Portion
22) Govt. Devivilasam.h.s.s Kudavechoor New Building West End
23) Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School Vaikom Northen Building East End
24) Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School Vaikom Southern Building Ground Floor
25) Govt. G.h.s Vaikom
26) Govt. H.s T V.puram Main Old Building North Portion
27) Govt. H.s T V.puram Main Building East End
28) Govt. H.s.s Kulasekaramangalam Second Building From Southern Portion
29) Govt. H.s.s Kulasekaramangalam Northern Portion Of Second Building From North End
30) Govt. H.s.s Kulasekaramangalam Southern Side Of Second Building From North
31) Govt. H.s.s T. V Puram East Building Ground Floor
32) Govt. H.s.s Vechoor Northern Building
33) Govt. H.s.s Vechoor Western Building
34) Govt. H.s.s Vechoor Southern Building
35) Govt. L..p.s Vazhekkadu Eastern Portion
36) Govt. L.p.s Kothavara North End
37) Govt. L.p.s Kothavara South End
38) Govt. L.p.s Thalayolaparambu
39) Govt. L.p.s Thottakam North End
40) Govt. L.p.s Thottakam South End
41) Govt. L.p.s Edavattom Northern Building
42) Govt. L.p.s Edavattom Southern Building
43) Govt. L.p.s Erumboozhikkara Eastern Building
44) Govt. L.p.s Erumboozhikkara Western Building
45) Govt. L.p.s. Padinjarekara Eastern End
46) Govt. L.p.s. Padinjarekara Western End
47) Govt. Lp School Kallara North Portion
48) Govt. Town L.p.s Vaikom South Portion
49) Govt. U.p.s Thalayolaparambu East Portion

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