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Major Political Parties in Perambra Assembly Constituency

CPM , CPI(M) , PSP , CPI , INC are the major political parties in Perambra Assembly Constituency .
KCJ , KEC , KEC(M) , are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Perambra Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Perambra Assembly Constituency is T.P.Ramakrishnan from party CPM party

Mandals in Perambra Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Perambra Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
1957 GEN Kumaran Madathil CPI 17838 2011 Madhavan Nair T K. INC INC INC 15827
1960 GEN P. K. Narayanan Nambiar PSP 38272 10800 Kumaran Madathil CPI CPI CPI 27472
1965 GEN V.V. Dakshina Mootrhy Variar CPI(M) 25065 8860 K.T. Kunhiraman Nayar INC INC INC 16205
1970 GEN K.G. Adyosi INC 35383 4079 V. V. Dakshinamorthy CPM CPM CPM 31304
1977 GEN K. C. Joseph KEC 35694 773 V. V. Dakshinamoorthy CPM CPM CPM 34921
1980 GEN V. V. Dakshinamoorthy CPM 44695 9468 K. A. Devassia KCJ KCJ KCJ 35227
1982 GEN A . K . Padmanabhan Master CPM 41308 6723 K . A. . Devassia KCJ KCJ KCJ 34585
1987 GEN A.K. Padmanabhan CPM 49034 2450 K.A. Devassia IND IND IND 46584
1991 GEN N.K. Radha CPM 58978 4416 K.A. Devassia KEC KEC KEC 54562
1996 GEN N.K.Radha CPM 59328 2752 Roshy Augustine KEC(M) KEC(M) KEC(M) 56576
2001 GEN T.P.Ramakrishnan CPM 66695 2684 P.T.Jose KEC(M) KEC(M) KEC(M) 64011
2006 GEN K Kunhammed Master CPI(M) 69004 10640 James Thekkanadan KEC(M) KEC(M) KEC(M) 58364
2011 GEN K. Kunhammad Master CPM 70248 15269 Adv. Mohammed Ikbal KEC(M) KEC(M) KEC(M) 54979

List of Polling booths in Perambra Assembly Constituency

0) Aided L.p.school Avadukka
1) Aided L.p.school Chenoli Right Side
2) Aided L.p.school Kadiyangad Centre Side
3) Aided L.p.school Paleri East Side
4) Aided L.p.school Paleri West Side
5) Aided Mappila L.p.school Edavarad East Side
6) Aided Mappila L.p.school Edavarad West Side
7) Aided Mappila L.p.school Nochad North Side
8) Aided Mappila L.p.school Nochad South Side
9) Aided Mappila U.p. School Changaroth Left Side
10) Aided Mappila U.p. School Changaroth Right Side
11) Aided U.p.school Kalpathur East Side
12) Aided U.p.school Kalpathur Middle Side
13) Aided U.p.school Kalpathur West Side
14) Aided U.p.school Koothali (east Side)
15) Aided U.p.school Koothali Middle Side
16) Aided U.p.school Koothali North Side
17) Aided U.p.school Koothali South Side
18) Aided U.p.school Perambra East Side
19) Aided U.p.school Perambra West Side
20) Aided U.p.school Valiakkode Left Side
21) Aided U.p.school Valiakkode Right Side
22) Aided Up School Perambra East Side
23) Aided Up School Perambra West Side
24) Aided. U.p.school Velliyoor North Side
25) Aided. U.p.school Velliyoor South Side
26) Anganvadi No 96 Vengapatta
27) Arikkulam L.p.school Right Side
28) Arikkulam U.p.school Left Side
29) Arikkulam U.p.school Right Side
30) Ast. Ex. Engineer Kyip Sub Division
31) Avala Govt High School (east Side)
32) Avala Kuttoth L P School
33) Avala U P School (left Side)
34) Avala U P School (right Side)
35) Baffakki Thangal Memmorial Secondary School Thurayur
36) C.k.g.memmorialgovt. College Perambra Middle Side Ground Floor Room No. 107
37) C.k.g.memmorialgovt. College Perambra Northside Ground Floor Room No. 110
38) C.k.g.memmorialgovt. College Perambra South Side Ground Floor Room No. 103
39) Changaramvally Mappila L P School
40) Cheruvannur Govt U P School
41) Cheruvannur North Mappila L P School
42) Cheruvannur West L P School (north Side)
43) Cheruvannur West L P School (south Side)
44) Dist. Agriculture Officer Office Peruvannamuzhi
45) Emakkulated Consuption U.p. School Poozhithode East Side
46) Emakkulated Consuption U.p. School Poozhithode West Side
47) Eravattur Aided Mappila L.p.school East Side
48) Eravattur Aided Mappila L.p.school West Side
49) Govt . Lower Primary School Mokappur

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