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Major Political Parties in Kottayam Assembly Constituency

INC , CPM , CPI(M) , CPI , INC are the major political parties in Kottayam Assembly Constituency .
NCO , JNP , are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Kottayam Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Kottayam Assembly Constituency is Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan from party INC party

Mandals in Kottayam Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Kottayam Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
1957 GEN Bhaskaran Nair P. CPI 23021 2271 Govindhan Nair M. P. INC INC INC 20750
1960 GEN M. P. Govindan Nair INC 29020 1157 N. Raghava Kurup CPI CPI CPI 27863
1965 GEN M. K. George CPI(M) 17880 3484 M. P. Govindan Nair INC INC INC 14396
1967 GEN M . K . George CPM 25298 9110 M . P. G . Nair INC INC INC 16188
1970 GEN M. Thomas CPM 26147 11957 K. George Thomas NCO NCO NCO 14190
1977 GEN P. P. George CPI 35683 3576 M. Thomas CPM CPM CPM 32107
1980 GEN K. M. Abraham CPM 37588 11964 P. B. R. Pillai JNP JNP JNP 25624
1982 GEN N. Srinivasan IND 38886 5338 K. M. Abraham CPM CPM CPM 33548
1987 GEN T. K. Ramakrishanan CPM 55422 9526 Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan INC INC INC 45896
1991 GEN T.K. Ramakrishnan CPM 54182 2682 Cherian Philip INC INC INC 51500
1996 GEN T.K.Ramakrishnan CPM 52609 7064 Mohan Sankar INC INC INC 45545
2001 GEN Mercy Ravi INC 57795 11841 Vaikom Viswan CPM CPM CPM 45954
2006 GEN V N Vasavan CPI(M) 47731 482 Ajay Tharayil INC INC INC 47249
2011 GEN Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan INC 53825 711 V.N.Vasavan CPM CPM CPM 53114

List of Polling booths in Kottayam Assembly Constituency

0) "municipal Library Muttambalam
1) Amritha H S (east Wing
2) Amritha H S (south Wing
3) Assistant Engineer Office Building (b & R) Kodimatha
4) B.g.k. Memorial Public Library (north Portion) Malloosserry
5) B.g.k. Memorial Public Library (south Portion) Malloosserry
6) Baker Memorial Nursary School Kottayam
7) Balagram Vidyalayam (lower Floor) Manganam
8) Balagram Vidyalayam (upper Floor) Manganam
9) Bukkana Girlu0027s H.s. (east Building
10) Bukkana Girlu0027s H.s. (west Building
11) C.m.s. L.p.s.(east Portion) Channanikkad
12) C.m.s. L.p.s.(middle Portin) Channanikkad
13) C.m.s. L.p.s.(west Portin) Channanikkad
14) C.m.s.h.s. (north Portion) Pallam
15) C.m.s.h.s. (south Portion) Pallam
16) C.m.s.l.p.s. (east Portion) Puthusserry
17) C.m.s.l.p.s. (north Portion) Pakkil
18) C.m.s.l.p.s. (north Portion) Pallam
19) C.m.s.l.p.s. (south Portion) Pakkil
20) C.m.s.l.p.s. (south Portion) Pallam
21) C.m.s.l.p.s. (west Portion) Puthusserry
22) Cheriyapally Nursary School (north Portin) Puthanangady
23) Church Mission Society College H.s. (baker Block
24) Church Mission Society College High School (baker Block
25) Church Mission Society L.p.s. Kanjikuzhy (east Portion)
26) Church Mission Society L.p.s. (eruthickal
27) Church Mission Society L.p.s. Kanjikuzhy (west Portion)
28) Devi Vilasam L.p.s. Parampuzha
29) Devi Vilasam L.p.s. (south Portion) Parampuzha
30) Devi Vilasam V.h.s.s. (east Portion) Kumaranalloor
31) Devi Vilasam V.h.s.s. (west Portion) Kumaranalloor
32) Devivilasam L.p.s. (north Portion) Kumaranalloor
33) Devivilasam L.p.s. (south Portion) Kumaranalloor
34) E.a.l.p.s. (east Portion) Nattasserry
35) E.a.l.p.s. (middle Portion) Nattasserry
36) E.a.l.p.s. (west Portion) Nattasserry
37) Good Shephered L.p.s. (main Building) Kottayam
38) Government H S S Karappuzha (west Building
39) Government H.s.s. (main Building
40) Government H.s.s. (west Building) Karappuzha
41) Government L.p.s. (north Portion) Veloor
42) Government L.p.s. (south Portion) Veloor
43) Government L.p.s. Channanikkad
44) Government L.p.s. Channanikkad South Portion
45) Government L.p.s. (east Portion) Mudiyoorkkara
46) Government L.p.s. (east Portion) Pathamuttam
47) Government L.p.s. (north Portion) Parampuzha
48) Government L.p.s. (north Portion) Poovanthuruthu
49) Government L.p.s. (south Portin) Poovanthuruthu

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