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Major Political Parties in Idukki Assembly Constituency

IND , INC(I) , KEC , ICS , KEC(M) , INC are the major political parties in Idukki Assembly Constituency .
CPM , KCM , KEC , CPI(M) , JD are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Idukki Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Idukki Assembly Constituency is Roshy Augustine from party KEC(M) party

Mandals in Idukki Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Idukki Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
1977 GEN V. T. Sebastian KEC 23244 9173 Johan Thomas Moolapparampil IND IND IND 14071
1980 GEN Jose Kuttyani INC(I) 33367 4529 V. T. Sebastian KEC KEC KEC 28838
1982 GEN Jose Kuttiyani INC 31472 4368 P. P. Sulaiman Rawther ICS ICS ICS 27104
1987 GEN Rosamma Chacko INC 34330 1570 P. P. Sulaiman Rawther IND IND IND 32760
1991 GEN Mathew Stephen KCM 52559 3678 Johny Poomattom KEC KEC KEC 48881
1996 GEN P.P. Sulaiman Rawther JD 52443 6413 Joy Vettikuzhy KEC(M) KEC(M) KEC(M) 46030
2001 GEN Roshy Augustine KEC(M) 47092 13719 M S Joseph IND IND IND 33373
2006 GEN Roshy Augustine KEC(M) 61883 16340 C V Varghese CPI(M) CPI(M) CPI(M) 45543
2011 GEN Roshy Augustine KEC(M) 65734 15806 C.V.Varghese CPM CPM CPM 49928

List of Polling booths in Idukki Assembly Constituency

0) Anganavadi Building Manippara
1) Anganavadi Building Mulakuvally
2) Anganavadi Building Urumbullu
3) Anganavadi No 85 Building Vathikkudy
4) Anganavady Building Mappilakkada
5) Anganvady Building Ambalamedu
6) Anganvady Building Thazhathe Neelivayal
7) Asad Memmorial U.p.school Kalthotty (a. Block)
8) Asad Memmorial U.p.school Kalthotty (a.block Middle Portion)
9) Asad Memmorial U.p.school Kalthotty (b.block)
10) B.s.s Library Building
11) C.m.s.h.s Koovappally (east Portion)
12) C.m.s.u.p.s Elappally(north Portion)
13) C.m.s.u.p.s Elappally(south Portion)
14) C.m.s.u.p.s Kannikkal(right Portion)
15) C.p.w.p.centre Koovappally
16) Church Building Kaithapara
17) Community Hall Kambilikandam(left Portion)
18) Crist King L.p.s Rajamudy
19) Fatima Matha Hall Thadiyampadu
20) Govt L P School Double Cutting
21) Govt. Collage Kattappana(left Portion)
22) Govt. Collage Kattappana(riht Portion)
23) Govt. L.p.school Kozhimala (left Portion)
24) Govt. L.p.school Kozhimala (right Portion)
25) Govt. Lps Thattekkanny
26) Govt. Tribal School Kanchiyar (east Portion)
27) Govt. Tribal School Kanchiyar(west Portion)
28) Govt. Tribel High School Murikkattukudy South Building (left Portion)
29) Govt. Tribel High School Murikkattukudy South Building(middle Portion)
30) Govt. Tribel High School Murikkattukudy (south Building Right Portion)
31) Govt. Tribel School Kattappana Old Building(south Portion)
32) Govt. Trible High School Murikkattukudy (south Building Left Portion)
33) Govt.h.s Kudayathoor (left Portion)
34) Govt.h.s Kudayathoor (right Portion)
35) Govt.h.s Panikkankudy (middle Part)
36) Govt.h.s Panikkankudy(east Part)
37) Govt.h.s Pathinaramkandam(main Building East Portion)
38) Govt.h.s Pathinaramkandam(main Building North Portion)
39) Govt.h.s Pathinaramkandam(main Building South Portion)
40) Govt.h.s Thoprankudy Main Building(west Portion)
41) Govt.h.s Thoprankudy(east Portion)
42) Govt.h.s Thoprankudy(north Portion)
43) Govt.h.s Vazhathoppu Colony (west Portion)
44) Govt.h.s.s Kanjkuzhy Alppara (east Portion)
45) Govt.l P School Mullarikkudy (left Portion)
46) Govt.l.p.s Edattumala
47) Govt.l.p.s Inchapathal
48) Govt.l.p.s Kanjikkuzhy (east Portion)
49) Govt.l.p.s Kanjikkuzhy (middle Portion)

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