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Major Political Parties in Aland Assembly Constituency

KJP , is the major political party in Aland Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Aland Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Aland Assembly Constituency is Guttedar Subhash Rukmayya from party KJP party

Mandals in Aland Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Aland Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
107895 204423 0 0 0

List of Polling booths in Aland Assembly Constituency

0) Al Ameen. Lower Primary School Mahadevi Nager Aland
1) Anganwadi Kendra Seva Nagar Tanda
2) Anganwadi Kendra New Building Gola B
3) Asst. Director Of Agriculture Office New Building Aland
4) Asst. E.e. (irrigation) Office Nimbarga
5) Community Hall Madanhipparga
6) Digamber Jain Higher Primary School Aland (centre Wing)
7) Digamber Jain Higher Primary School Aland (left Wing)
8) Digamber Jain Higher Primary School Aland (right Wing)
9) G.h.p.s. (left Wing) Alanga
10) G.h.p.s. (right Wing) Alanga
11) G.h.p.s. (west Wing) Rudarwadi
12) G.h.p.s. Jawalga(j)(easter Wing)
13) G.h.p.s. Jawalga(j)(north Wing)
14) G.h.p.s. Nandgur
15) G.h.p.s. New Building Bharkhed
16) G.h.p.s.(east Wing) Mataki
17) G.h.p.s.(lefg Wing) Salegaon
18) G.h.p.s.(left Wing) Kinnisultan
19) G.h.p.s.(left Wing) Tadola
20) G.h.p.s.(new Room) Kinnisultan
21) G.h.p.s.(new Room) Mataki
22) G.h.p.s.(north Wing) Khajuri
23) G.h.p.s.(north Wing) Mataki
24) G.h.p.s.(north Wing) Nirgudi
25) G.h.p.s.(north Wing) Rudrawadi
26) G.h.p.s.(right Wing) Salegaon
27) G.h.p.s.(right Wing) Khajuri
28) G.h.p.s.(right Wing) Kinnisultan
29) G.h.p.s.(right Wing) Tadola
30) G.h.p.s.(south Wing) Hodaloor
31) G.h.p.s.(south Wing) Mataki
32) G.h.p.s.(south Wing) Nirgudi
33) G.h.p.s.(south Wing) Rudrawadi
34) G.h.p.s.(weat Wing) Nirgudi
35) G.h.p.s.annur
36) G.h.p.s.bhangarga(north Wing)
37) G.h.p.s.bhangarga(south Wing)
38) G.h.p.s.hodaloor Tanda
39) G.h.p.s.jamaga [r](south Wing)
40) G.h.p.s.jamaga [r](west Wing)
41) G.h.p.s.kanmas
42) G.h.p.s.khandal
43) G.h.p.s.kottanhipparga
44) G.h.p.s.new Building Jamaga(k)
45) G.h.p.s.siroor(g)
46) G.h.p.s.tugaon
47) G.s.p.s. Bableshwar
48) Ghps Gadlegaon
49) Govt. Lowerprimary School

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