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Major Political Parties in Radaur Assembly Constituency

BJP , INLD , INC are the major political parties in Radaur Assembly Constituency .
SAP , HVP , JP , JNP , are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Radaur Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Radaur Assembly Constituency is Shyam Singh from party BJP party

Mandals in Radaur Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Radaur Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2014 GEN Shyam Singh BJP 67076 38707 Raj Kumar Bubka INLD INLD INLD 28369
2009 GEN Dr.Bishan Lal Saini INLD 29593 4395 Suresh Kumar INC INC INC 25198
2005 (SC) Ishwar Singh Palaka INLD 26933 5263 Lehri Singh INC INC INC 21670
2000 (SC) Banta Ram INLD 38551 6555 Ram Singh INC INC INC 31996
1996 (SC) Banta Ram SAP 30765 9581 Ram Singh INC INC INC 21184
1991 (SC) Lehri Singh HVP 21645 2324 Banta Ram JP JP JP 19321
1987 (SC) Rattan Lal Kataria BJP 32215 20629 Lehri Singh IND IND IND 11586
1982 (SC) Ram Singh IND 21759 6494 Lahri Singh INC INC INC 15265
1977 (SC) Lehri Singh JNP 19868 11140 Ram Singh IND IND IND 8728

List of Polling booths in Radaur Assembly Constituency

0) Anganwari Centre Jathlana
1) Anganwari Centre Lakshibans
2) Bal Bhawan School Kansapur (lw)
3) Bal Bhawan School Kansapur (rw)
4) Community Hall Sabhapur
5) D.a.v. High School Kansapur (lw)
6) D.a.v. High School Kansapur (mw)
7) D.a.v. High School Kansapur (rw)
8) Govt Girls Middle School Bank Colony (lw)
9) Govt Girls Middle School Bank Colony (rw)
10) Govt High School Mandebri (lw)
11) Govt High School Mandebri (rw)
12) Govt High School Sasauli (rw)
13) Govt High School Sudhail
14) Govt High School Uncha Chandna (lw)
15) Govt High School Uncha Chandna (rw)
16) Govt Middle School Golni (lw)
17) Govt Middle School Golni (rw)
18) Govt Middle School Kabulpur
19) Govt Middle School Kazibans
20) Govt Primary School Akbarpur
21) Govt Primary School Daulatpur Maliyan
22) Govt Primary School Faridpur
23) Govt Primary School Hasanpur
24) Govt Primary School Kansapur (lw)
25) Govt Primary School Kansapur (rw)
26) Govt Primary School Kheri Rangran
27) Govt Primary School Model Town Karhera (lw)
28) Govt Primary School Model Town Karhera (rw)
29) Govt Primary School Sasauli (lw)
30) Govt Primary School Sasauli (rw)
31) Govt Primary School Sudhal
32) Govt Sr.sec School Saran (rw)
33) Govt Sr.sec.school Saran (lw)
34) Govt. Girls Primary School Jorian
35) Govt. High School Mandhar
36) Govt. High School Sandhali
37) Govt. High School (lw) Khurdban
38) Govt. High School (rw) Khurdban
39) Govt. High School Bahadurpur (lw)
40) Govt. High School Bahadurpur (rw)
41) Govt. High School Bapa (lw)
42) Govt. High School Bubka (lw)
43) Govt. High School Bubka (rw)
44) Govt. High School Ghilaur (lw)
45) Govt. High School Ghillaur (rw)
46) Govt. High School Gundiana (lw)
47) Govt. High School Gundiana (rw)
48) Govt. High School Harnaul (lw)
49) Govt. High School Harnaul (rw)

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