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Major Political Parties in Hathin Assembly Constituency

HVP , BJP , INLD , INC are the major political parties in Hathin Assembly Constituency .
AIIC(T) , LKD , JD , JNP are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Hathin Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Hathin Assembly Constituency is Praveen Dagar from party BJP party

Mandals in Hathin Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Hathin Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2014 GEN Kehar Singh INLD 44703 6372 Harsh Kumar BJP BJP BJP 38331
2009 GEN Jaleb Khan IND 33774 6473 Harsh Kumar INC INC INC 27301
2005 GEN Harsh Kumar IND 31879 8830 Jaleb Khan INC INC INC 23049
2000 GEN Bhagwan Sahai Rawat INLD 23777 1354 Harsh Kumar HVP HVP HVP 22423
1996 GEN Harsh Kuma HVP 16252 6121 Ajmat Khan AIIC(T) AIIC(T) AIIC(T) 10131
1991 GEN Ajmat Khan INC 18250 2916 Bhagwan Saye JD JD JD 15334
1987 GEN Bhagwan Shai LKD 17260 7276 Ramji Lal Dager INC INC INC 9984
1982 GEN Azmat Khan JNP 12828 173 Khillan Singh LKD LKD LKD 12655
1977 GEN Aditya Vesh JNP 15182 9517 Chhutmal IND IND IND 5665
1972 GEN Ramji Lal IND 17173 4476 Hem Raj INC INC INC 12697
1968 GEN Hem Raj IND 7381 70 Debi Singh Tewatia INC INC INC 7311
1967 GEN D. Singh INC 17921 8731 R. Singh IND IND IND 9190

List of Polling booths in Hathin Assembly Constituency

0) G.m.s. Durgapur Left Wing
1) G.m.s. Kot Left Wing
2) Govt. Girls Middle School Mandkhola
3) Govt. Girls Middle School Rupdaka
4) Govt. Girls Primary School Rupdaka
5) Govt. Girls Primary School Utawad Right Wing (naya Bhavan)
6) Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Bahin Left Wing
7) Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Bahin Right Wing
8) Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Hathin Right Wing
9) Govt. Girls. Primary School Utawad Left Wing
10) Govt. Girls. Primary School Utawad Left Wing (naya Bhavan)
11) Govt. Girls. Primary School Utawad Right Wing
12) Govt. Girls. Sr. Sec. School Ghalab Left Wing
13) Govt. Girls. Sr. Sec. School Hathin Left Wing
14) Govt. High School Left Wing
15) Govt. High School Phool Wari Left Wing
16) Govt. High School Phool Wari Middle Wing
17) Govt. High School Phool Wari Right Wing
18) Govt. High School Chiravat
19) Govt. High School Gharrot Left Wing
20) Govt. High School Gharrot Right Wing
21) Govt. High School Guraksar Left Wing
22) Govt. High School Guraksar Right Wing
23) Govt. High School Hudithal
24) Govt. High School Jhandapur
25) Govt. High School Kalsara Left Wing
26) Govt. High School Kalsara Right Wing
27) Govt. High School Mandnaka Left Wing
28) Govt. High School Mandnaka Right Wing
29) Govt. High School Manpur Middle Wing
30) Govt. High School Manpur R/w
31) Govt. High School Raniyala Khurd
32) Govt. High School Ransika Left Wing
33) Govt. High School Ransika Right Wing
34) Govt. Middle (b) School Nangal Jaat Left Wing
35) Govt. Middle (b) School Nangal Jaat Right Wing
36) Govt. Middle School Andhop Left Wing
37) Govt. Middle School Andhop Right Wing
38) Govt. Middle School Durgapur Right Wing
39) Govt. Middle School Rajpura Left Wing
40) Govt. Middle School Aali Bhramand
41) Govt. Middle School Badha Left Wing
42) Govt. Middle School Badha Right Wing
43) Govt. Middle School Beghawali
44) Govt. Middle School Bharola
45) Govt. Middle School Chilli Right Wing
46) Govt. Middle School Dhamaka
47) Govt. Middle School Dhiranki
48) Govt. Middle School Firojpur Rajput
49) Govt. Middle School Gailpur

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