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Major Political Parties in Hasanpur Assembly Constituency

JD(U) , RLSP , LJP , RJD are the major political parties in Hasanpur Assembly Constituency .
SSP , SOP , JD , JNP(SC) , CPI , JNP , INC are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Hasanpur Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Hasanpur Assembly Constituency is Raj Kumar Ray from party JD(U) party

Mandals in Hasanpur Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Hasanpur Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2015 GEN Raj Kumar Ray JD(U) 63094 29600 Vinod Choudhary RLSP RLSP RLSP 33494
2010 GEN Raj Kumar Ray JD(U) 36767 3291 Sunil Kumar Puspam RJD RJD RJD 33476
2005 GEN Sunil Kumar Pushpam RJD 31553 7438 Ram Narayan Mandal LJP LJP LJP 24115
2005 GEN Sunil Kumar Puspam RJD 31397 6305 Ram Narayan Mandal LJP LJP LJP 25092
2000 GEN Gajendra Prasad Himansu JD(U) 51273 3128 Rajendra Yadav RJD RJD RJD 48145
1995 GEN Sunil Kumar Pushpam JD 40410 26260 Rajendra Prasad Yadav IND IND IND 14150
1990 GEN Gahendra Prasad Himanshu JD 57673 28010 Rajendra Pd. Yadav INC INC INC 29663
1985 GEN Rajendra Prasad Yadav INC 27518 6684 Gajendra Prasad Himanshu IND IND IND 20834
1980 GEN Gajendra Prasad Himansu JNP(SC) 27295 3031 Prayag Chand Mukhia CPI CPI CPI 24264
1977 GEN Gajendra Prasad Himansu JNP 17010 3024 Satyanarain Yadav INC INC INC 13986
1972 GEN Gajendra Pd. Himanshu SOP 23201 3403 Rajendra Pd. Yadav INC INC INC 19798
1969 GEN Gajendra Prasad Himansu SSP 17180 9595 Sadhu Saran Prasad Yadav INC INC INC 7585
1967 GEN G.P. Himanshu SSP 27297 15264 M. Rout INC INC INC 12033

List of Polling booths in Hasanpur Assembly Constituency

0) Ambedakar Bhavan Suraha Bansatapur
1) Ambedakar Bhavan Vishnupur Diha
2) Bhuvaneshwar Singh High School Nakuni East Side
3) Bhuvaneshwar Sinh High School Nokuni West Side
4) Gov. Middle School Dudhapura East Side
5) Gov. Middle School Dudhapura Middle Side Of North Side
6) Gov. Middle School Dudhapura South Side
7) Gov. Primary School Khavasatol
8) Gov. Primary School Dumara Rajawa
9) Gov. Upgraded Middle School Kale Narpatnagar Norht Side
10) Gov. Upgraded Middle School Kale Naraptnagar South Side
11) Gov. Upgraded Middle School Paroriya South Side
12) Government Middle School Sakarapura North Side
13) Government Middle School Sakarapura South Side
14) Govt. Middle School Dudhapura North Side
15) High School Bithan
16) High School Nayanagar
17) High School Patasa North Part
18) High School Patasa South Side
19) High School Sakhawa
20) High School Lagama East Side
21) High School Lagama West Side
22) Kanya Upgraded Middle School Mangalgadh Middle Side
23) Kanya Upgraded Middle School Mangalgadh North Side
24) Ken Maraketing Union Hasanapur
25) Madarasa Bhavan Baradauni South Side
26) Madarasa Bhavan Chirautana South Side
27) Madarasa Bhavan Baradauni North Side
28) Madarasa Bhavan Chirautana North Side
29) Madarasa Rahamaniya Moji
30) Middle School Badgaon West Side
31) Middle School Badgoan East Side Building
32) Middle School Bataradiha Right Side
33) Middle School Belsandi Middle Side
34) Middle School Belsandi North Side
35) Middle School Bithan Left Side
36) Middle School Bithan Middle Side
37) Middle School Bithan Right Side
38) Middle School Gajapati Left Side
39) Middle School Hasanpur North Side
40) Middle School Hasanpur Road
41) Middle School Hasanpur South Side
42) Middle School Kundal North Part
43) Middle School Nayanagar North Side
44) Middle School Patasa
45) Middle School Pusho Right Side
46) Middle School Rampur Rajava North Side
47) Middle School Salaha Bujurg Left Side
48) Middle School Salaha Bujurg Right Side
49) Middle School Salaha Chandan

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