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Major Political Parties in Barhara Assembly Constituency

JD(U) , BJP , RJD are the major political parties in Barhara Assembly Constituency .
RRP , SAP , BPP , INC(I) , JNP(JP) , JD , NCO , JNP , IPF , INC are the political parties popular in previous years .

Present Sitting MLA of Barhara Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Barhara Assembly Constituency is Raghwendra Pratap Singh from party RJD party

Mandals in Barhara Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Barhara Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
2015 GEN Saroj Yadav RJD 65001 13308 Aasha Devi BJP BJP BJP 51693
2010 GEN Raghwendra Pratap Singh RJD 46102 1083 Asha Devi JD(U) JD(U) JD(U) 45019
2005 GEN Asha Devi JD(U) 41129 3184 Raghvendra Pratap Singh RJD RJD RJD 37945
2005 GEN Asha Devi JD(U) 34010 4091 Raghvendra Pratap Singh RJD RJD RJD 29919
2000 GEN Raghwendra Pratap Singh RJD 47867 6583 Bhai Brahmeshwar SAP SAP SAP 41284
1995 GEN Raghwendra Pratap Singh JD 32869 10016 Brahmeshwar Singh BPP BPP BPP 22853
1990 GEN Radhvender Partap Singh JD 43365 18935 Jaj Singh IPF IPF IPF 24430
1985 GEN Raghvendra Pratap Singh JNP 40689 13055 Vanarshi Devi INC INC INC 27634
1980 GEN Ramjee Prasad Singh INC(I) 24257 388 Raghuwendra Pratap Singh JNP(JP) JNP(JP) JNP(JP) 23869
1977 GEN Ambika Saran Singh JNP 36853 21368 Sheo Murat Yadav INC INC INC 15485
1972 GEN Ram Vilash Singh NCO 19473 8727 Maha Deva Nand Giri INC INC INC 10746
1969 GEN Mahanth Mahadeva Nand Giri IND 18512 915 Ram Vilas Singh INC INC INC 17597
1967 GEN A. S. Singh INC 21791 1548 M. M. N. Giri IND IND IND 20243
1951 GEN Rambilas Sinha RRP 3927 489 Harinandan Singh INC INC INC 3438

List of Polling booths in Barhara Assembly Constituency

0) ) Ut.m. Vidyalay Barahara (purvi Bhag
1) Anusuchit Jati Dalan Ijri Pipra
2) Balak Prathmik Vidyalay Narayanpur (dakshini Bhag)
3) Balak Prathmik Vidyalay Narayanpur (uttri Bhag)
4) Baliram Bhagat Uchch Vidaylay Babhnauli
5) Bhagarsana Utkramit Madhay Vidyalay Dhamar
6) Bhartiya Janta Uchh Vidyalay Rajapur
7) Buniyadi Vidyalay Bakhorapur (pashichmi Bhag)
8) Buniyadi Vidyalay Bakhorapur (purvi Bhag)
9) Buniyadi Vidyalay Bakhorapur Naya Bhawan
10) Buniyadi Vidyalay Farahda
11) Kanya Prathmik Vidyalay Fuha
12) Kanya Prathmik Vidyalay Sanyoyal
13) Kanya Prathmik Vidyalay Gundi
14) Madhay Vidyalay Fuha (uttar Bhag)
15) Madhay Vidyalay Khajuriya (pashichmi Bhag)
16) Madhay Vidyalay Khawaspur (purvi Bhag)
17) Madhay Vidyalay Khawaspur (utri Bhag)
18) Madhay Vidyalay Khesarhiya
19) Madhay Vidyalay Nathamalpur Nya Bhawan(d. Bhag)
20) Madhay Vidyalay Salempur (madhya Bhag)
21) Madhay Vidyalay Babura
22) Madhay Vidyalay Basantpur
23) Madhay Vidyalay Bhadeya(daya Bhag)
24) Madhay Vidyalay Birampur (dakshini Bhag)
25) Madhay Vidyalay Birampur (uttri Bhag)
26) Madhay Vidyalay Chhineganw (dakshini Bhag)
27) Madhay Vidyalay Daulatpur (dakshini Bhag)
28) Madhay Vidyalay Daulatpur (madhay Bhag)
29) Madhay Vidyalay Daulatpur (uttri Bhag)
30) Madhay Vidyalay Dhamar(pashichmi Bhag)
31) Madhay Vidyalay Dhamar(purvi Bhag)
32) Madhay Vidyalay Gundi (paschimi Bhag)
33) Madhay Vidyalay Hemantpur (purvi Bhag)
34) Madhay Vidyalay Hemantpur(pashichmi Bhag)
35) Madhay Vidyalay Kayamnagar (uttar Bhag)
36) Madhay Vidyalay Khajuriya Purbi Bhag
37) Madhay Vidyalay Khawaspur (dakshin Bhag
38) Madhay Vidyalay Khawaspur (paschim Bhag)
39) Madhay Vidyalay Kudriya Parshurampur
40) Madhay Vidyalay Manikpur (dakshini Bhag)
41) Madhay Vidyalay Manikpur (utri Bhag)
42) Madhay Vidyalay Naragda
43) Madhay Vidyalay Pakri (pashichmi Bhag)
44) Madhay Vidyalay Pakri (purvi Bhag)
45) Madhay Vidyalay Semra (pashichmi Bhag)
46) Madhay Vidyalay Semra (purvi Bhag)
47) Madhay Vidyalay Sinha (pashichmi Bhag)
48) Madhay Vidyalay Sinha (purvi Bhag)
49) Madhay Vidyalay Sohra (madhay Bhag)

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