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Major Political Parties in Thowra Assembly Constituency

41904 , BJP , 85.91% are the major political parties in Thowra Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Thowra Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Thowra Assembly Constituency is Kushal Dowari from party BJP party

Mandals in Thowra Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Thowra Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
107 47967 99755 41904 85701 85701 84.57% 85.91% 85.91% 85.91% 0

List of Polling booths in Thowra Assembly Constituency

0) 120 No. Kusiamari L.p. School (east)
1) 120 No. Kusiamari L.p. School (west)
2) 1no. Konwar Gaon L.p. School
3) 1no. Udaipur L.p. School
4) 2 No. Konwar Gaon L.p. School
5) 286 No Milonpur Miri L.p. School
6) 365 No. Kosaripathar L.p. School
7) 493 No. Namoni Milankur L.p. School
8) 53no. Tengapani Dhaibari L.p. School
9) 540 No. Disang Gohain Majumelia L.p. School
10) 59no. Soroguwa L.p. School (north)
11) 59no. Soroguwa L.p. School (south)
12) 98no. Bam Gohain Gaon L.p. School
13) Ahompathar L.p. School
14) Ajanti (tengapani) Dhaibari L.p. School
15) Amlaguri Bagan L.p. School (anganwadi Centre)
16) Amlaguri Bagan L.p. School (east)
17) Amlaguri Bagan L.p. School (west)
18) Athabari Bagan L.p. School (north)
19) Athabari Bagan L.p. School (south)
20) Athabari Bagicha L.p.school
21) Athabari High Secondary School (east)
22) Athabari High Secondary School (west)
23) Bamunbari L.p. School (east)
24) Bamunbari L.p. School (west)
25) Barpather Govt. Nimna Buniyadi School
26) Barua Changmai L.p. School (east)
27) Barua Changmai L.p. School (west)
28) Bhadhara M.v. School
29) Bhagyapur Kumar L.p. School
30) Bhakelai L.p. School
31) Bhatgajgaon L.p. School
32) Bogalipathar L.p. School
33) Bonbikhoyar Banglo (forest Banglow)
34) Borbam L.p. School (east)
35) Borbam L.p. School (west)
36) Bordeodhai M.v. School (east)
37) Bordeodhai M.v. School (west)
38) Bordeoroi Bagisa L.p. School
39) Borpial Bahgarh L.p. School
40) Deroi Habi L.p. School
41) Dhian Pathar L.p. School
42) Dhondarmukh M.v. School
43) Dihingia L.p. School
44) Dihingmukh High School (west)
45) Dihingmukh High School (east)
46) Dimow H.s. School (east)
47) Dimow H.s. School (middle)
48) Dimow H.s. School (north)
49) Dimow H.s. School (south)

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