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Major Political Parties in Palasbari Assembly Constituency

87.85% , 58137 , BJP are the major political parties in Palasbari Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Palasbari Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Palasbari Assembly Constituency is Sri Pranab Kalita from party BJP party

Mandals in Palasbari Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Palasbari Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
50 66772 138002 58137 121238 121238 88.59% 87.85% 87.85% 87.85% 0

List of Polling booths in Palasbari Assembly Constituency

0) Amranga Higher Secondary School (l/w)
1) Amranga Higher Secondary School (r/w)
2) Amtola Adarsha Lp School
3) Amtola Adarsha Lp School (l/w)
4) Amtola Adarsha Lp School (m/w)
5) Amtola Adarsha Lp School (r/w)
6) Amtola Kaibartapara Bortola Lp School (l/w)
7) Amtola Kaibartapara Bortola Lp School (r/w)
8) Bagapani Lp School
9) Baniapara Minor School
10) Baratari Lp School
11) Bardia Sapari Lp School
12) Barduar Tea Garden Lp School (l/w)
13) Barduar Tea Garden Lp School (r/w)
14) Baregaon Lp School
15) Barkuchi Colony Lp School (l/w)
16) Barkuchi Colony Lp School (r/w)
17) Bartari Anchalik High School
18) Bartari Avipara Me School
19) Batabari Lp School
20) Batiyapara Lp School (l/w)
21) Batiyapara Lp School (r/w)
22) Bhagawatipara Lp School
23) Bhati Jiyakur Lp School
24) Bhurapara Lp School
25) Bijoynagar Marowari Girls Minor School (l/w)
26) Bijoynagar Marowari Girls Minor School (r/w)
27) Birugaon Lp School
28) Bongara Minor School (l/w)
29) Bongara Minor School (m/w)
30) Bongara Minor School (r/w)
31) Bor Kukuria Lp School
32) Bor Tezpur Lp School (l/w)
33) Bor Tezpur Lp School (r/w)
34) Dahali Lp School (l/w)
35) Dahali Lp School (m/w)
36) Dahali Lp School (r/w)
37) Dakhala Balika Lp School (r/w)
38) Dakhala Lp School
39) Dakhali Lp School (m/w)
40) Dariatari Lp School
41) Dhalipar Lp School (l/w)
42) Dhalipar Lp School (r/w)
43) Dhanipara Lp Scool
44) Digambar Jain Minor School
45) Futuri Balak Lp School (l/w)
46) Futuri Balak Lp School (r/w)
47) Futuri Lp School
48) Goalhati Lp School (l/w)
49) Goalhati Lp School (r/w)

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