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Major Political Parties in Nalbari Assembly Constituency

73517 , 86.85% , BJP are the major political parties in Nalbari Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Nalbari Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Nalbari Assembly Constituency is Ashok Sarma from party BJP party

History of winning MLA s from Nalbari Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
59 84099 180991 73517 157193 157193 86.36% 86.85% 86.85% 86.85% 0

List of Polling booths in Nalbari Assembly Constituency

0) Acharya Binowa M.e. School
1) Ajara Joymangala L.p. School
2) Akna L.p. School
3) Alliya High School (l/w)
4) Alliya High School (r/w)
5) Alliya M.e. School
6) Amara Bardhanara Milan L.p. School
7) Amayapur Alengidal M.e. School
8) Amayapur Alengidal M.v. School
9) Amayapur L.p. School (l/w)
10) Amayapur L.p. School (r/w)
11) Arara Balak L.p. School (l/w)
12) Arara Balak L.p. School (r/w)
13) Arara Joypalthan M.v. School (l/w)
14) Arara Joypalthan M.v. School (r/w)
15) Baharghat Uccha Buniyadi School (l/w)
16) Baharghat Uccha Buniyadi School (r/w)
17) Bahjani M.e. School (l/w)
18) Balikaria Basudev L.p. School (l/w)
19) Balikaria Basudev L.p. School (r/w)
20) Balikaria Kalibhawan L.p. School (l/w)
21) Balikaria Kalibhawan L.p. School (r/w)
22) Balikaria Malipara L.p. School (l/w)
23) Balikaria Malipara L.p. School (r/w)
24) Balikuchi M.v. School
25) Balilecha M.v. School (l/w)
26) Balilecha M.v. School (m/w)
27) Balilecha M.v. School (r/w)
28) Balitara M.e. School (l/w
29) Balitara M.e. School (r/w)
30) Balitara No.1 L.p. School
31) Balitara No.2 L.p. School
32) Banbhag M.e. School (l/w)
33) Barbistupur L.p. School
34) Bardhantuli L.p. School (l/w)
35) Bardhantuli L.p. School (r/w)
36) Barjaberihati L.p. School
37) Barkhanajan L.p. School
38) Barkhola High School (l/w)
39) Barkhola High School (r/w)
40) Barkura L.p. School (l/w)
41) Barkura L.p. School (r/w)
42) Barmurikona No.2 L.p. School (l/w)
43) Barmurikona No.2 L.p. School (r/w)
44) Barsarkuchi L.p. School (l/w)
45) Barsarkuchi L.p. School (r/w)
46) Bhadra Bangal L.p. School
47) Bhadra L.p. School
48) Bhubaneswari Balika L.p. School (l/w)
49) Bhubaneswari Balika L.p. School (r/w)

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