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Major Political Parties in Naharkatia Assembly Constituency

83.55% , AGP , 47938 are the major political parties in Naharkatia Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Naharkatia Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Naharkatia Assembly Constituency is Naren Sonowal from party AGP party

Mandals in Naharkatia Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Naharkatia Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
120 57160 117682 47938 98324 98324 83.25% 83.55% 83.55% 83.55% 0

List of Polling booths in Naharkatia Assembly Constituency

0) 12 No. Joymoti Lp School
1) 2 No. Dillighat Hindi L.p. School
2) Amguri Dighalia Lp School(centre No.1)
3) Amguri Dighalia Lp School(centre No.2)
4) Amguri Lp School C No 2
5) Amguri Lp School C No.1
6) Amguri Lp School Centre No.1 (north)
7) Amguri Nepali Lp School
8) Arunodoy Lp School
9) Asabam Te Labour Club
10) Asabam Te Lp School(left)
11) Asabam Te Lp School(middle)
12) Asabam Te Lp School(right)
13) Balijan Lp School Centre No.1
14) Balijan Lp School Centre No.2
15) Bamunibil Mv School
16) Bhaskubari Lp School
17) Bhojuabam L.p School
18) Borbam Mv School Centre No.1(east)
19) Bvfc Staff Club (fs Sector) Center No. 2
20) Bvfc Staff Club (north)
21) Bvfc Staff Club (south)
22) Dakhin Samuguri L.p. School
23) Dhuapather Lp School
24) Dighalibil High School Centre No.1(west)
25) Dighalibil High School Centre No.2(west)
26) Dighalipather Lp School
27) Diksam Te Labour Club
28) Dilli Te Lp School
29) Dilli Te Mazdoor Club
30) Dilliduwania L.p. School Centre No.1
31) Dilliduwania L.p. School Centre No.2
32) Dillighat Sishu Vidyalaya Centre No.1 (north)
33) Dillighat Sishu Vidyalaya(s)
34) Disangkinar Lp School (centre No.1)
35) Disangkinar Lp Sdhool(east
36) Dollonggaon L.p. School
37) Duwania Gaon Lp School
38) Fakial Lp School Centre No. 2
39) Ganespur Lp School
40) Gariabam Lp School
41) Gethu Pather Govt. Aided Me School Centre No. 1
42) Gethu Pather Govt. Aided Me School Centre No. 2
43) Ghinai Gaon Lp School(e)
44) Ghinai Gaon Lp School(w)
45) Ghugulani Lp School (centre 2)
46) Ghugulani Lp School(centre 1)
47) Hapjan Char Iali Me School Centre No.1
48) Hapjan Char Iali Me School Centre No.2
49) Hapjan Parbat Te Lp School Centre No.1

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