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Major Political Parties in Margherita Assembly Constituency

BJP , 84% , 66482 are the major political parties in Margherita Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Margherita Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Margherita Assembly Constituency is Bhaskar Sharma from party BJP party

Mandals in Margherita Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Margherita Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
124 78774 162775 66482 136738 136738 83.64% 84% 84% 84% 0

List of Polling booths in Margherita Assembly Constituency

0) A.r.&.t Co. L.p. School
1) A.r.&.t Cos High School (r) (a)
2) A.r.&.t Cos High School (l)
3) A.r.&.t Cos High School (l) (a)
4) A.r.&.t Cos High School (r)
5) A.r.t.& Cos M.e. School (l)
6) A.r.t.& Cos M.e. School (l) (a)
7) A.r.t.& Cos M.e. School (r)
8) A.r.t.& Cos M.e. School (r) (a)
9) Adarsha Hindi M.e. School (l)
10) Adarsha Hindi M.e. School (r)
11) Alubari L.p. School
12) Alubari Nimna Buniyadi School (l)
13) Alubari Nimna Buniyadi School (r)
14) Bahbari L.p. School
15) Bahbari M.e. School (l)
16) Bahbari M.e. School (r)
17) Bijuliban L.p. School
18) Bisa L.p. School (l)
19) Bisa L.p. School (r)
20) Bokapather L.p. School (l)
21) Bokapather L.p. School (r)
22) Borgolai Colliery Assamese L.p. School
23) Borgolai Colliery Bengali L.p. School
24) Borgolai Colliery Bengali M.e. School
25) Borgolai Colliery Nepali L.p. School
26) Borgolai Colliery Nepali M.e. School
27) Borgolai Colliery Telegu L.p. School
28) Borhullong Govt. L.p. Schoolo
29) Chikarajan L.p. School
30) Chipegaon L.p. School
31) Dehing T.e. L.p. School (l)
32) Dehing T.e. L.p. School (r)
33) Dehing T.e. Staff Club
34) Dibong Pali School
35) Dibrujan L.p. School (l)
36) Dibrujan L.p. School (r)
37) Dirok T.e. L.p. School
38) Dirok T.e. Staff Club
39) Duarmara Patsala
40) Duarmara T.e. L.p. School (l)
41) Duarmara T.e. L.p. School (m)
42) Duarmara T.e. L.p. School (r)
43) Dumpani Ulup Pather M.v School
44) Duwarmara T.e Labour Club
45) Enthem Nagapather M.e. School
46) Gayatri Mandir L.p School Namphai
47) Gopinath Bordoloi M.e. School (hullong Gutibari)
48) Gopinath Bordoloi Refugee M.e. School (l)
49) Gopinath Bordoloi Refugee M.e. School (r)

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