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Major Political Parties in Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency

85339 , 88.61% , BJP are the major political parties in Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency is gurujyoti das from party BJP party

Mandals in Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
67 96953 200056 85339 177275 177275 89.17% 88.61% 88.61% 88.61% 0

List of Polling booths in Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency

0) 226 Nagaon Lp School
1) 233 No. Katahguri Lp School
2) Adhikari Girls Me School (left)
3) Adhikari Girls Me School (right)
4) Aparia Lp School (left)
5) Aparia Lp School (right)
6) Areng Girls Lp School (left)
7) Areng Girls Lp School (right)
8) Arikati Lp School
9) Athakata Lp School
10) Baghpari Adarsha Me School (left)
11) Baghpari Adarsha Me School (right)
12) Baghpari Gandhismriti Vidyalya
13) Baghpari Samaj Kalyan Lp School (left)
14) Baghpari Samaj Kalyan Lp School (right)
15) Baigarmari Community Hall
16) Baigarmari Lp School (left)
17) Baigarmari Lp School (m)
18) Baigarmari Lp School (right)
19) Balabari High Madrassa (left)
20) Balabari High Madrassa (right)
21) Balogara Lp School
22) Bamunpara Girls Lp School (right)
23) Bamunpara Girls Lp School(left)
24) Bamunpara Lp School(left)
25) Bamunpara Lp School(right)
26) Bandia Chapori Lp School (left)
27) Bandia Chapori Lp School (right)
28) Bandia Girls Lp School (left)
29) Bandia Girls Lp School (right)
30) Bangalgarh Mv School (left)
31) Bangalgarh Mv School (right)
32) Bangalpota Lp School
33) Baralakhaity Lp School (left)
34) Baralakhaity Lp School (right)
35) Barampur Lp School (left)
36) Barampur Lp School (right)
37) Barangabari Lp School (leftt)
38) Barangabari Lp School (right)
39) Barathiabari Saru Jaljali Lp School
40) Bardowaneza Lp School (left)
41) Bardowaneza Lp School (right)
42) Barsatra Lp School (left)
43) Barsatra Lp School(right)
44) Barthekerabari Lp School (left)
45) Barthekerabari Lp School (right)
46) Batabari Lp School (l)
47) Batabari Lp School (r)
48) Bechimari Lp School (left)
49) Bechimari Lp School (right)

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