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Major Political Parties in Hojai Assembly Constituency

86.06% , 92436 , BJP are the major political parties in Hojai Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Hojai Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Hojai Assembly Constituency is Shiladitya Dev from party BJP party

Mandals in Hojai Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Hojai Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
91 106700 225461 92436 194031 194031 85.55% 86.06% 86.06% 86.06% 0

List of Polling booths in Hojai Assembly Constituency

0) 1098 Pub Bhalukmari L.p. School
1) Abdul Hasib Girls High School
2) Abdul Hasib Higher Secondary School (east)
3) Abdul Hasib Higher Secondary School (middle)
4) Abdul Hasib Higher Secondary School (west)
5) Adarsha Bidyaniketon M.e. School
6) Aiveti Sankardev L.p. School
7) Akunta Nazrul L.p. School
8) Al
9) Alinagar L.p. School
10) Amlipukhuri L.p. School (room No.1)
11) Amlipukhuri L.p. School (room No.2)
12) Amlipukhuri Reserve L.p. School
13) Ashananda M. E. School
14) Ashananda M.e. School
15) Baliram Pothar L.p.school
16) Baluhandar L.p. School (east))
17) Baluhandar L.p. School (west))
18) Bankim Chandra Adarsha Pathsala (room No.1)
19) Bankim Chandra Adarsha Pathsala (room No.2)
20) Barafuti L.p. School
21) Bhimarali L.p. School (room No.1)
22) Bhimarali L.p. School (room No.2)
23) Bibekananda Pathsala (east)
24) Bibekananda Pathsala (west)
25) Bidhyasagar M.e. School
26) Bidyasagar M.e. School (room No.1)
27) Bidyasagar M.e. School (room No.2)
28) Binapani L.p. School (baluhandar)
29) Bishnupur L.p. School (room No.1)
30) Bishnupur L.p. School (room No.2)
31) Bordolong L.p. School (east)
32) Bordolong L.p. School (middle)
33) Bordolong L.p. School (west)
34) Borhola L.p. School (east Part)
35) Borhola L.p. School (west Part)
36) Borpukhuri L.p. School (assamese) (east Part)
37) Borpukhuri L.p. School (assamese) (west Part)
38) Borpukhuri L.p. School (bengali) (east Part)
39) Borpukhuri L.p. School (bengali) (west Part)
40) Dablong L.p. School (east)
41) Dablong L.p. School (middle)
42) Dablong L.p. School (west)
43) Dakhin Ashinagar Balika L.p. School (room No.1)
44) Dakhin Ashinagar Balika L.p. School (room No.2)
45) Dakhin Bedeoati L.p. School
46) Dakhin Golaghatia Basti L.p. School (room No.1)
47) Dakhin Golaghatia Basti L.p. School (room No.2)
48) Dakhin Hojai Komorakata Co
49) Dakhin Kenduguri L.p. School

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