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Major Political Parties in Boko Sc Assembly Constituency

INC is the major political party in Boko Sc Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Boko Sc Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Boko Sc Assembly Constituency is Nandita Das from party INC party

Mandals in Boko Sc Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Boko Sc Assembly Constituency .

List of Polling booths in Boko Sc Assembly Constituency

0) 607 Baruah Lp School
1) Alekjari Lp School (l/w)
2) Alekjari Lp School (r/w)
3) Arikati Anchalik Madrassa Me (l/w)
4) Arikati Anchalik Madrassa Me (r/w)
5) B.k.b Kamargaon Lp School
6) Badla M E School
7) Badlapathar Tiapara Lp School
8) Bagariguri High School (l/w)
9) Bagariguri High School (r/w)
10) Balashrik Lp School (namatarabari)
11) Bamunbari Lp School (l/w)
12) Bamunbari Lp School (r/w)
13) Bamunigaon L.p.school
14) Banarigaon Lp School (l/w)
15) Banarigaon Lp School (r/w)
16) Bangjeng L.p. School
17) Bangjeng Lp School
18) Baripara L P School
19) Bartal Tupamari L.p. School R/w
20) Bartal Tupamari Lp School (l/w)ool (l/w)
21) Baruagaon Pahaertoli L.p.s.school(r/w)
22) Baruagaon Pahartoli Lp School (l/w)
23) Baruagaon Pahartoli Lp School (r/w)
24) Batiamari Lp School
25) Berabhanga Lp School
26) Bhagdabari Lp School
27) Bhakuradia Balika Lp School (l/w)
28) Bhakuradia Balika Lp School (r/w)
29) Bhakuradia Lp School (l/w)
30) Bhakuradia Lp School (r/w)
31) Bhakuradia Me Madrassa (l/w)
32) Bhakuradia Me Madrassa (r/w)
33) Bhalikghata Junior Basic School
34) Bhalukghata Mv School
35) Bhanubhakta L.p. School L/w
36) Bhanubhakta L.p. School R/w
37) Bhanubhakta Lp School (l/w)
38) Bhanubhakta Lp School (r/w)
39) Bhehuwa Basic School (l/w)
40) Bhehuwa Basic School (r/w)
41) Boko Girls High School (l/w)
42) Boko Girls High School (r/w)
43) Boko High School (l/w)
44) Boko High School (r/w)
45) Boko M V School L/w
46) Boko M V School R/w
47) Bondapara Anchalik High School (l/w)
48) Bondapara Anchalik High School (m/w)
49) Bondapara Anchalik High School (r/w)

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