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Major Political Parties in Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency

52771 , AIUDF , 86.4% are the major political parties in Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency is Abul Kalam Azad from party AIUDF party

Mandals in Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
41 61154 127341 52771 110025 110025 86.5% 86.4% 86.4% 86.4% 0

List of Polling booths in Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency

0) 1027/1 Panpara L.p. School (l
1) 1027/1 Panpara Lp School (r
2) 1045 Dhumarpathar L.p.school
3) 1047no. Saru Gati L.p. School (l
4) 1047no. Saru Gati L.p. School (r
5) 1088/2 Madhapur L.p. School (l
6) 1088/2 Madhapur L.p. School (r
7) 109no. Mazgaon L.p. School (l
8) 109no. Mazgaon L.p. School (r
9) 1134 Aohata Lp School
10) 1135 Goshaibhitha Lp School
11) 1155no. Puran Galia L.p. School
12) 1196no. Anandapur Pachimpara L.p. Scool
13) 1197no. Karagari Tunguriapara L.p. School
14) 1211no. Dalimorbhitha L.p. School
15) 1226no. Tangla L.p. School (r
16) 1226no. Tangla L.p. School (l
17) 1253no. Tangla Jn L.p. School
18) 1277no. Pub Madhapur L.p. School (l
19) 1277no. Pub Madhapur L.p. School (r
20) 1298no. Mazgaon Girls L.p. School
21) 132 Kamalabari Lp School
22) 1330no. Sanpairabari L.p. School
23) 139no. Barvitha L.p. School (r
24) 139no. Barvitha L.p. School (l
25) 1458no. Dakshin Tangabari L.p. School
26) 146no. Lesra Govt. Jb School
27) 151no. Chauliabari L.p. School (r
28) 151no. Chauliabari L.p. School (l
29) 1522no. Karekhowa L.p. School
30) 1533 Bhuyapara Lp School
31) 1534no. Madhya Halangabari L.p. School
32) 1535 Dakshin Dhumarpathar Lp School
33) 1693no. Janata Patla L.p. School
34) 1741no. Dairabari L.p. School
35) 1809 Ghoramara Gt Lp School
36) 1873no. Sukmanah Munchipara L.p. School
37) 1878 Katla Gaon Pub
38) 1912no. Bhalaguri L.p. School
39) 198no. Nakuchi Jb Schoo (r.w)
40) 198no. Nakuchi Jb School (l.w)
41) 201no. Saudarvitha L.p. School (l
42) 201no. Saudarvitha L.p. School (r
43) 202no. Kalbari Balak L.p. School (l.w)
44) 202no. Kalbari Balak L.p. School (r.w)
45) 20no. Gomura Bb Mv School (l.w)
46) 20no. Gomura Bb Mv School (r.w)
47) 217no. Cheki L.p. School
48) 221no. Sakmanah L.p. School (r
49) 221no. Sakmanah L.p. School (l

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