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Major Political Parties in Laharighat Assembly Constituency

87.18% , 65842 , INC are the major political parties in Laharighat Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA of Laharighat Assembly Constituency .

Present Sitting MLA s of Laharighat Assembly Constituency is dr. nazrul islam from party INC party

Mandals in Laharighat Assembly Constituency .

History of winning MLA s from Laharighat Assembly Constituency .

Election Year Reservation Winner MLA Winner MLA Party Winner MLA Votes Difference votes with Runner Up Runner UP Candidate Runner UP Candidate Party Runner UP Candidate Votes
81 76028 160596 65842 140003 140003 87.69% 87.18% 87.18% 87.18% 0

List of Polling booths in Laharighat Assembly Constituency

0) Amaraguri L.p. School
1) Autalaboritup L.p. School(e)
2) Bagalipara Balak L.p. School
3) Bagalipara Balika L.p. School(n)
4) Bagalipara Balika L.p. School(s)
5) Balidunga M.e. School(e)
6) Balidunga M.e. School(w)
7) Balijan L.p. School
8) Banmuri M.v.. School
9) Baralimari High School(e)
10) Baralimari High School(m)
11) Baralimari L.p. School(w)
12) Barukata L.p. School
13) Barukota Chahoria L.p. School
14) Batalimari L.p. School(e)
15) Batalimari L.p. School(w)
16) Batobori L.p. School
17) Bechamari L.p. School
18) Betoni L.p. School(e)
19) Betoni L.p. School(w)
20) Bhakuamari L.p. School(e)
21) Bhakuamari L.p. School(w)
22) Bhuragaon Adarsha M.e. School (n)
23) Bhuragaon Adarsha M.e. School (s)
24) Bhuragaon College (e)
25) Bhuragaon College (m)
26) Bhuragaon College (w)
27) Bhuragaon Girls H.e. School(w)
28) Bhuragaon Girls High School(e)
29) Bhuragaon Girls M.e. School(new Building)
30) Bhuragaon Girls M.e. School(old Building)
31) Bhuragaon Girls M.e. School(s)
32) Bhuragaon H. Sarkar H.s.s.(e)
33) Bhuragaon H. Sarkar H.s.s.(n)
34) Bhuragaon H. Sarkar H.s.s.(s)
35) Bhuragaon Hindi L.p. School(n)
36) Bhuragaon Hindi L.p. School(s)
37) Bhuragaon Hospital Road L.p. School(e)
38) Bhuragaon Hospital Road L.p. School(w)
39) Bhuragaon L.p. School
40) Bhuragaon M.e. School (n)
41) Bhuragaon M.e. School(m)
42) Bhuragaon M.e. School(s)
43) Bhuyanbori Pathar L.p. School(e)
44) Bhuyanbori Pathar L.p. School(w)
45) Bokani M E School
46) Borbori L.p. School
47) Borbori L.p. School(e)
48) Boribandha L.p. School(n)
49) Boribandha L.p. School(s)

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